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6:59Why Motorcycle Helmets Use this Ancient Buckle
8:14The Snell Helmet Standard is Meaningless?
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12:30Why Millions Buy Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
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11:46The Killer Tricycle Banned by the US Government
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10:345 Life-Saving Habits for Motorcycle Riders


  • That black thing is sus

  • I would quite like one. They look comfortable and easy to get on with.

  • What was the last one made

  • Concept and storyline is just 👌🔥

  • I can listen to you all day, I don't even like motorbikes!

  • What a masterpiece


  • Bizarre! 0-60 in what??? Enough to shame many tin-tops! 🧐

  • Counter leaning came to me naturally. Have been struggling to get regular leaning right. Glad that i am doing it right unknowingly

  • Pure poetry my friend.

  • Outstanding Watson, simply outstanding I say. The only flaw in your caricature is, well, to short, much to short. If one were to twist my arm I could have forced myself to put up with at least an hour more of your endless drivai, at least an hour I say, at least an hour. Oh, very well then, carry on. 👍🏾

  • that black thing is what Sis Wet uses...... incase you dont know Sis, look her up.

  • I rode the ktm from a friend for a few weeks to See how i like it and i have to say that my long legs got tired very soon! You are almost exactly my size and never mentioned i guess its me not the bike :D

  • Well, as a brazilian with pretty much only shit quality fuel availible, I have to ruminate the fact that usually european brands are quite "fragile" when it comes to sturdiness. You use an impure fuel or oil in them and the engine is gone. That said, you could say that brands that accept more impure oils and fuels, are more robust. So I would say that Triumph might be the sweet spot, since their build quality is over the roof and oil purity is good, but not that picky.

  • Picking up my new rebel tomorrow. This has helped a lot, thank you!

  • watching this kind of video is like watching my Favorite tv series and i like it <3 great content FortNine and ryan

  • What's the music in the introduction scene?

  • Continental Europe is quite heterogenous tho. Here in Germany, noone really drives maxi scooters, most people stick to cars or actual motorbikes like BMW GS series. 50cc scooters are very popular in cities cus you don t need a motorbike license for them. But maxi scooters are super popular in southern europe, Italy for example, where parking space for cars in the bigger cities is often impossible to find. I personally wd never drive a maxi scooter. I see all their benefits and wish they d integrate some of them into motorbikes, but honestly I just can t get over the fact of how shitty they look

  • I'm now binge-watching this channel, that YT took too long to show me (because I'm French). It's a mix of pertinence, humour, and a real talent to take advantage of the Canadian landscapes. It reminds me the best Top Gear episodes. Great job.

  • It's that easy?!

  • Best ad the Burgman could have ever hoped for. Another reason we aren’t all riding one (aside from the discontinued executive model) I can’t find one for sale within 1000 miles of where I live…but Harleys…Harleys everywhere

  • I somehow got this video in suggestions and now I am hooked. It's so well thought out and executed that it makes you want to watch all other videos.

  • holy hell..i want one, like, right now..

  • I love that they considered themselves having "beaten" japanese bikes by selling more, when said japanese bikes had tarriffs so high they cost double what they were actually meant to cost. Imagine if harleys cost twice as much for no reason, lets see them fight their way out of bancrupcy then. If you didnt win on an even playing field, you didnt win.

  • Why are these videos so good??? I hate scooters, and now I want one.

  • I don't care what he says, I'm buying one!

  • Ryan is just too tall for most of us to take his word on ergonomics I think.

  • Didnt he already make this video two years ago?

  • Never seen a more obvious sponsored video in my life xD

  • And you get thrown of the bike doing it slitghly wrong. Gt bikes put the knee down thats why they lean so far

  • Lots of Ulyssians ride the big Burgers. When I reach that stage, I was gonna trade in my WeeStrom for one. Better get one now before they all disappear.

  • Very nice script. No hetero man ever wants to ride a luxury scooter :)

  • About time, where have you been? 😛

  • True Slav Executive bike

  • This is why I love this channel. You make videos on such unique and almost forgotten motorcycles! Thank you!!

  • Sorry but that Burgman looks old. Execs in Europe ride T-MAX with overly loud akrapovic exhausts !

  • Damn,my nolan n44 thermoplastic 😭

  • Overpriced shit garbage. America! I'm an American.

  • 4:14 "Officer, this Pixel 2 XL doesn't have wireless charging, GOTCHA"

  • First vid I’ve ever watched and gotta say I loved every second and all the footage and appreciate the explanations. This is from a car guy and am starting to appreciate bikes. Thanks

  • Damn.. all these scenarios deserve a short film 📽️

  • My problem is I don't know whether I want more acceleration or top speed

  • In Australia all the new one uses a different sort

  • I come for the review, I stay for the cinematography

  • I'm from Germany and I can say. Scooter are not cool here either

  • Waiting for a new fortnine video is like waiting for Christmas to come. And MAN,Christmas is coming! again and again and again and again! - And it feels sooooooo good

    • you make a fine film, make real tv look like a joke

  • I put a car tire on my FJR1300 and it was a different driving experience, I'll admit that. But, on the other hand, my bike is not the lightest or slowest and I rode it through the mountains and highways of California, sometimes going over 120 miles per hour and I had no experienced any problems with handling.

  • Hydraulic bolt cutters are cheap small and work great...

  • 10/10 video for the awesome and well organized information, editing, video quality, soundtrack, and even drawings for the visual learners. But what got the ten from me was the Wilhelm scream😂

  • I agree with everything except allow the corners to determine which way I lean. If I were a cop chasing someone on twisty mountain roads, I'd be leaning as a road racer would.

  • Wow, that was awesome! I tried maxiscooters. The are super practical. Sometimes they are even more comfy. But they don't give you the right feel. I feel unsafe riding them.

  • Years ago I rode one for a day, and loved it. Now I must have one.

  • The foot rest on my Honda CM250 have grind marks on them from hard cornering. The reason police cars cannot catch a motorcycle in a chase is because they lose ground or wipe out in the curves.

  • The Tmax cult is way bigger than the Burgman 650 cult.

  • fortnite

  • Only Fortnine can make me want a scooter.

  • I'm trying to investigate the disappearance of Paul Allen. When's the last time you've seen him? Also, do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

  • This was better marketing for the Burgman than Suzuki had its entire product cycle.

  • Damn, you made me want one. If only you'd been the head of Yamaha's marketing team for the Burgman Executive.

  • Burgman 650. In the Netherlands mostly operated by Maroccan-Dutch adolescents making an extra penny with cashmachine busts, robberies and drugdealing. Own a Burgman and you know it gets stolen for that purpose. Same goes for Piaggio MP3, Yamaha Tricity, Sym, Kymco CV3 and every other scooter-like motorcycle with two or three wheels.

  • I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again. I love the ideas of scooters, but I love manual transmissions more! If someone made a scooter like this with a manual gearbox I would definitely own one! (A second hand one 10 years from now because I'm cheap, but I'd still love it all the same)

    • Manual transmission makes sense if you're doing sporty rides but cruising or riding around town manual makes no sense to me. It's just old habit people refuse to change and look down on it. I thought the same until I tried rebel 1100 with dct and I actually prefer it with dct when I just want to chill and cruise around. But when I go to the track or twisty roads I prefer manual on my gsxs1000.

  • Wouldn't be caught dead in that thing disgusting

  • Sound feel and style are good enough for me I love my road king.

  • Your one artistic son of gun ... and the only motocycle channel i follow regularly infact i literally wait for your videos 😍😍😍

  • Dude, this is more enjoyable than movies!

  • Finally something scooter related be nice to see more content on this topic too, scooters are very capable machines

  • The person that buys that Klim is definitely wearing a cooling suit under it

  • you make a fine film, make real tv look like a joke

  • yup it looks ugly to me

  • Get Fortnine, Ari henning and Zack courts together and it’d be the greatest motorcycle show ever. You’d have so much fun and the production would be top gear quality. Make it happen

  • I had a 400...bought it for $100 after it was crashed into a garage. All front plastics and lights were broken, but even after sitting for a year it fired right up and ran great. A strange combo...400cc motorcycle power, scooter easy of use and big cruiser ergonomics.

  • Finally a bike video ….. ahem (scooter) but hey this is as close to a review as you can ask. Yay

  • In Asia, they call it Skywave 650... IMHO a much better name .. And I've want to get one for over 15 years now...

  • I thought about buying one, but it looked too ugly. That said, I dont even know if they had the 650 in NA? I usually see the 400 or lower? I have my 300cc Yamaha Xmax scooter for around town and my 750cc Honda nc750x adventure bike for travel. Burgman 650 would sound great if I could get past the look lol But maybe if I saw it in person I would think different. Maybe next time I am ready to buy I will look into finding one to try in person to replace my 300cc

  • Love the video, including the CVT training aid.

  • The bacon latke 🤣🤣 as a Jewish dude with tattoos who loves a good pulled pork sandwich, this was a punch to the gut 🤣

  • Muy bueno...saludos From Buenos aires

  • moptociclisimo mario- jajaja satue stephanie.. --- awusome video. They are like that, that is totali trut xD

  • 5:56 That thing looks sus.

  • I have never seen such a wierd coming-out video before.