How Indian Makes 43% More Power than Harley-Davidson

Publisert 18. okt.. 2020
Metallurgy? Keto diet? Liquid cooling? Red Bull? What’s the secret behind Indian's huge power advantage over Harley-Davidson?

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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • Nice Burrard bridge you got there...

  • I expect more accurate explanations from this channel. Everything else is spot on. But the representation of flame propagation speed is a tad misleading

  • 7:05 that scratch on the silencer broke my heart

  • Awesome..!

  • This video introduced me to the scout bobber and convinced me to get one, as my 95 r1100gs had seemed to grow old on me. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and put an order in for one at my local dealership, without seeing one in person. First vehicle for me to drive off the lot, brand new and I don't have any regrets. It a gorgeous bike, and you're bound to get compliments wherever you go.

  • What is the song it plays in the end? Thank u.

  • This channel is gold

  • Victory and Indian are absolutely hideous bikes

  • The best engine in the V-Rod was designet by Porsche, not HD...

  • I have worked in commercial radio in Australia for a decade and as someone who has worked in the media I am forever impressed with the quality of your content. Everything from the research, the production quality through to the presenting is as good as anything I have seen. Very impressed.

  • Because Indian uses a modern rice burner engine that is purposefully design packaged to make you think it’s a classic caveman v-twin. Nope.

  • Quality bro.

  • 43% more than Harley? That’s really not saying much. How many horsepower does a Harley have, 55? Maybe. If someone is really concerned about making a lot of horsepower, buy a Japanese motorcycle. It will be cheaper, it will be faster, it will be reliable, and it will be able to go around bends

  • Hey, who are you calling "gentleman" lol.

  • The writing, the styling, the edit, the filters, everything. JUST WOW. You, my good sir need your own TV channel. NA is sleeping on this talent

  • My question is, is your last name Leno ?

  • When it comes down to it, so what. The sporty always was a fun ride regardless lack of horsepower and the horsepower, or lack thereof, isn’t really it’s biggest drawback. That is probably its suspension. Then again comparing these two engines doesn’t really make sense. Two different beasts from two different centuries.

  • And how an r1 makes %300 more power than HD? more rpm, less torque, more compression, shorter stroke etc. HD is a more cruiser type that you take 5th gear and forget it anyway. That's it.

  • Finaly going into competitive publicity. Sad though why not exploiting... at all ! Their history and innovation during the first 50 years...?!?!

  • ill take the Harley over anything in the end so ... :P

  • A real close friend of mine bought a brand new Chief . Had catastrophic engine failure in less than 1000 miles . Months to rectify it . As soon as he got it back he traded it on a new street glide .

  • I might just have to go get me a big ol' bike again, it's been awhile, but these videos they are just so damn good I don't know why everyone doesn't want to ride.. 👏👏🇨🇦

  • Harley’s are still 43% more desirable

  • I just want to say 2 words Pan American. It is high and it is fast. Harley must have seen your critique.

  • So much wrong in this vid I had to cringe. To pic one; smaller pistons give higher force. ..yeah right. That's why all engine tuners makes the bore SMALLER to give you higher torque 😂

  • Viper and corvette engines are PUSHROD.

  • I wouldn't trade my 2013 Victory 8 Ball for anything. Victory forever!

  • @FortNine awesome video. Name of the soundtrack please?

  • Fortnine is my most favourite motorcycling channel so far.

  • And look good doing it too!!!!

  • Coming back 6 months later: this man single handedly forced HD to build the sportster S

  • Jacket colour matching the bike too 😍😍😍

  • Haha that bit at the end hoping onto the FTR. Absolute brilliance.

  • I tell you what? He's very good at riding bikes backwards 🤣

  • If Harleys could hold oil ...more compression, more power.

  • This is not the right crowd to say this to, but also, the noise a Harley makes is a serious nuisance to everyone within a quarter mile of it. Worse than leaf blowers.

  • The biggest reason the Indian has more power is the 60 degree cylinders instead of 45 degree on the Harley.

  • guys who always compare anything big and cool to the penis are true self haters. does anyone really think Harley and Davidson designed their engine to look like a penis? How about the forks, the handlebars, ETC. His dislike of HD is apparent, it would be fake if he just said that. He is a guy that would buy and ride anything that had more everything then the next guy. Alot of people buy bikes for the experience, after all they are mostly toys today, a lot of cars cost less then bikes. I buy and ride Harleys cause I like them. That makes sense to me..............

  • I wanted a Scout for years. Then the FTR came out. Yep. My next bike will probably be an FTR

  • You can talk facts all you want...however you avoid the reason most people buy Harley..the sound of the Harley as it accelerates down the road...maybe you all don't remember way back when Harley sued Honda and won...Harley has a patent on the sound of their Motorcycles... People part of the experience of riding a motorcycle is the feel and the sound...Don't get me wrong I have been riding BSA and Triumph since 1970.. I'm riding a 2012 Triumph Thunderbird Storm 1700 cc...The first thing I did was order the best sounding pipes I could find...No it doesn't sound like a Harley and it never will...THE REASON HARLEY SOUNDS THE WAY THEY DO IS BECAUSE HARLEY IS A SINGLE STROKE MOTOR...For me the vibration of a single stroke means I will be tooling on my bike the rest of my life...I want to ride not tool and I want pipe loud enough to catch the attention of vehicles around that I don't get run over by some asshole who didn't hear me coming...

  • I just wish I could ride a motorbike 😒 I’m at the age where it would be deemed a midlife crisis 😂 but the reality is I wanna just go through traffic

  • Well I have my learner's and going to get lessons to ride. I ordered Indian bobber as I am 5ft 2 inches and it was between Harley standard softtail or Indian. Styling colors and fit Indian was a better fit all round. I hope I made the right choice.

  • possibly having the deliberately off timed motor could also be part of HD's power issue.

  • Kiwi make a great repro Indian flathead motor like the good ole days.

  • And yet there no where near the Harley in sales .

  • Cause Indian uses aftermarket engines from Polaris , Harley makes their own engines . I prefer S&S engine cause they are stronger but Delkron makes the strongest engine cases in the world . But I'd choose a Ridley motorcycle they use kholer v- twin motors .

  • Except when Indian push out a bike so advanced their headstock goes snap from going to fast in the production line on bad aluminum casting framework 😉 (love both Indian and Harley no dig here both have their good and bad)

  • Your photo is next to the word "snarky" in the dictionary. This "indian" has no pedigree because indian went out of business a long time ago. I love my Superglide, and so does everyone that sees it and talks to me.

  • I think there's a fair reason for this with Harley. See they're mostly about cruising, who cares if you can hit 200 if you're gonna be sitting all day at 50, so the rip your arms off torque is more important than the overall max power. Also there's the classic po-ta-to engine note, if all people cared about was raw performance we'd all be on litre bikes, the aesthetics clearly play a role, and water is a hell of a sound deadener. Admittedly these things don't really apply with the sportster you have there but sharing engines is far cheaper and if most of the bikes are better served by old tech then the sporty oddball just has to suck it up because it's not worth an entirely new production line just to make that one model as good as it can be.

  • I'm speechless. Every video is a video-essay love-letter to motorcycling. It's perfect.

  • Oh cool a video all about why I hate american bikes lol

  • Hd=junk 30's tech

  • Title is erroneous. If anything it should read how overhead cam Indian produces more hp then pushrod HD’s which is a no brainer. I’m tired of hearing people compare the pushrod HD’s to the overhead cam engines with full liquid cooling. Compare the HD pushrod engine to the Indian with pushrod or compare the V-Rod or Revolution HD to Overhead cam Indian. Until then stop misleading people with erroneous titles and narrative

  • Liquid cooled will always make more power than air cooled. Plus their two different motors.

  • A piston is inanimate so it doesn’t feel anything.

  • Production quality level: Stellar.

  • This is the 10th time I've watched this. Epic, and I don't even ride anymore.

  • Based on my experience with Polaris products the specifications are pencil whipped to be superior but seldom realized in use during real world situations.

  • Very very well documented video 👌🏻👏🏻

  • Fuel injection and water cooling ! And compression!

  • Was gonna say... FTR... Well done boys.

  • It would have made more sense for Harley to go to go to General Motors. The Corvette is still using push rods and is still pretty formidable. So they go to Porsche instead for the V- rod. It just doesn't make sense for a Solidly American manufacturer...

  • First, you write the most brilliant sales pitch for Indian, then you destroy it by mentioning that the bike is still flawed. This isn't a review--these are cold, hard facts.

  • Yes That's thru! About power, But HD souds way much better 😁!!!!!!

  • Because Harleys are as important and morbidly obese as their owners.


  • The video editing is insane! All these videos are so incredibly well done! Favorite NOwine channel

  • I remember when the vrod came out. It was a big deal and should have been the future of Harley. But no.

  • Oh man Brilliant soundtracks Please name the songs

  • Another huge advantage to a larger bore is you have room for larger valves. Allowing more air and fuel per cubic inch vs a narrow bore engine. Also, more room to play around with valve angles, plug angles and even multiple valves and plugs per cylinder, if they so choose.

  • This channel is criminally underrated

  • My problem with Indian is that they’re owned by Polaris. And look aweful. They look like big plastic toys if that makes sense.

  • Could've named this video "Everything wrong with American motorcycles"

  • I miss my indian scout lol

  • i have watched a lot of your videos, they are great. I'm in central Alberta, so short riding season but it is still awesome. I have ridden all sorts of bikes, Japanese imports to English bobbers. I recently got my first Harley Davidson. For all of the hype, it truly is my most favorite bike. Tons of power, surprisingly agile and has that Harley rumble. My sister has the Indian, she seems happy with it. I would just like to thank you for the time you put into your work. its refreshingly Canadian ;)

  • love my FTR. indian FTW

  • Indians are summoned. So many Indians will be confused why this video has nothing to do with the country India. I get it after seeing the view count that how many Indians have visited the video.

  • The heck is a “Chode”?

  • awesome video man

  • Maybe Harley should just install faux rod covers and fins. A lot of muscle cars in the late sixties and seventies had fake hood scoops etc. No one cared that they had no function, it was all about the look.

  • They my have more hp but not as much Torque

  • Your coordination between the footage and the narration is brilliant in this one. As usual, your explanations are sound, and substantial. Thank you.

  • before i knew anything about bikes i never really preferred Harley, but now that i see this i wonder why anyone buys a Harley.

  • Music in this amazing video?

  • Luv B.C.!

  • It not about all that excess power, it’s about the ride , the style, and the legacy of the brand. Harley Davidson as of 2017 and again in 2021 with their new revolution max engine with its injection lubrication system of all moving parts, full liquid cooling, full counter balancing, less moving parts like a huge primary chain rotating, rocker arms, bottom end cams, light bulbs, and a hot air cooled engine have help Harley Davidson back until their new revolution max engine that has seemed to design all the problematic issues out but only did it when forced by the competition.

  • I think dude is lip sinking

  • Yeah you can get along with james may..

  • whats the music at the end??

  • Outstanding video.

  • Your vids are so well done. 👍

  • A better challenge, name anything that make less power per cc that HD.

  • Former Victory owner, still pissed off.

  • >Video focuses on a demand to go backwards; nostalgia over innovation. >The riding clips were played in reverse. Damn that's good editing.

  • It’s clearly not about speed, it’s about being a badass. Harley does just that.

  • Why? Because they don’t rely on a fan base of cosplay dads and have to be competitive

  • I have owned and ridden hundreds of bikes. But never an Indian. Maybe it's time?

  • Harley riders aren't motorcycle enthusiasts. They're Harley enthusiasts. If they truly loved motorcycles, they wouldn't buy antiquated, unreliable, pieces of junk when vastly superior products are out there.

  • Somebody once said it best, if you get off your motorcycle and you don’t turn back and look at it when walking away you’ve bought the wrong bike….. seriously though, I could walk away from Indian without ever looking back maybe that’s the reason why I drive by the dealership And never walk in.