Road Rage - Why Motorcycle Riders Smash Windows

Publisert 9. aug.. 2020
As the generation that grew up playing Road Rash, we have some learning to do about de-escalation. Here’s how to avoid ending up as a hood ornament.

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  • Stupid, oblivious drivers are everywhere. Raging about it is like getting angry that grass is green or the sky is blue. Embrace the inevitability of driver stupidity as you do road oil, gravel, and potholes. If you don't scream at or flip off road oil, gravel or potholes or try to teach them something don't waste your time teaching or raging on oblivious drivers.

  • I'm so impress about the quality of your videos man! Is amazing, greetings from Brazil! We love u right here.

  • .... you're so damn right! Just imagine our experience as ciclist, ...even worse!! Greetings from Bolivia

  • I’m finally getting a motorcycle but I’m going to ride it correctly and not be another stupid road rage biker.

  • Just loose your attitude and ego when you go on the road. The road is for everyone. You don't own it You are just a visitor. Act like one.

  • i love the north van cameos in every video hahahah

  • so true! i rage only when im hungry >.>

  • I used to get in road rage mode when I was younger. Now I just dont give a f@ck....😂👍❤🏍

  • To many people on the road can't seem to manage Anger and make these dumb ass mistakes ''Rage passes it's only a moment'' don't get distracted, focus on yourself.

  • its been about 90 days since i subscribed, and i just noticed the F9 in your logo lol. But as always, excellent content. i am a new rider ,who just passed my MSF, and i have yet to ride a bike on the street, but youtube videos already have me fantasizing about breaking mirrors, and trying to outrun the car chasing me. why??? i didnt know that was even a thing.

  • we still get a bad rap and its bullpuckey

  • Am I the only one who wishes we could ride in goat masks?

  • Excellent! Before you two wheeling motorheaded throttle jockeys ( me included ), go out on public streets, ask yourselves why you are going for a ride and what state do you want to return home in. Happily tired or in an Urn. Angry people are everywhere don't add to the hate and discontent. Be a good ambassador for the two wheeling community. Peace!

  • fortnine i love your content but let me ask do you do all of your video editing alone??? its amazing! p.s your are 100000% correct when saying "creating altercations is the cheap way for views" it also gives more "calm headed" riders a bad look

  • This channel is deep man

  • Motorcyclists ( I've been riding for 50 years) all have ADD, anger management issues, sense of super powers ( likely from the bad ass jackets), and, at least in the Pacific Northwest, chronic hypothermia.

  • Just get away as quickly as possible. Never let them see the pistol in your shoulder holster.

  • Praise be 🙏🏼

  • Being a rider is a baptism of hooliganism instinct... and it's worse here in kenya we burn vehicles for overtaking us! We hit your side mirrors while overlapping and beat you up for questioning... every other rider will stop for a piece of you even if he was not there at the time of the accident

  • Brilliant

  • Grateful for being recommended this channel 🙌

  • By your own words, objectification keeps people safe. "Oh, that red Golf cut me off!" Motorcycles have an exposed person looking back at you.

  • I see a lot of clips where the biker smashes a car mirror off, which I don't understand. Often the issue is the car driver not using the mirror to see the biker. Now they can't because they don't have one...

    • @JWags FTW that's how most people are, never seeing their own faults, unfortunately you can't change that. I'm not advising to do anything, just throwing one reason out there since you asked.

    • @Jake Garrett Fair enough. Although if somebody didn't see you, then you smash a mirror and speed off, I don't think they're going to realize what they did wrong. They're going to think the biker did it randomly.

    • Weren't using it before, and now one less protrusion to snag someone's arm (which catches on the rider and throws them under the wheels of the car due to pushing the inward arm forward causing physics to tip the bike towards under the car suddenly). Also when they pay for something they might try to get some value and use out of it (just like when I fix something I usually use it more). That would be the logical argument, the less logical argument is they almost cost you your life so the $50 (and warning sign to other drivers that might note the damaged car, just like I use caution when I see a car that's had some wrecks) is probably minor. Which to be fair is still logical reasoning and may save someone else's life.

  • There is something about being hit by a car, or, nearly hit by a car while I'm minding my own business and following all the rules that just takes the human part of me and replaces it with a monster that can only speak in obscenities. Usually I'm so embarrassed when I come down that I can't be bothered to press charges or anything, I just limp home... I've been hit twice stationary at a stop light.

  • The most hated community motor cyclists. Speaking as pedal cyclist

  • I just dont understand attacking a car. One flick of the wheel and you're dead.

  • Thanks, great cast. Even better motto "Rage passes, is only a moment"

  • What pristine production quality.

  • I doesn't matter what mode of transport you use if you drive without due regard

  • i have flicked ppl off ngl ill be a better rider i promise

  • Half of these jackasses are supposedly correct if someone else is driving while doing 65 miles an hour over the speed limit while filtering through traffic with no license plate because they had every intention of being an asshole they left the house and expect someone in a car to know they’re going to be there in .004 seconds because they’re doing 180 miles an hour

  • The best and most healthy thing I've found to do... Shake my head slightly and move on with my day. Haha

  • I feel soo loved!!!! Thank you for reminding me to be quit coyote! I learned that on the movie soul and I use it all the time as a scary biker with the hand gesture.

  • I can't wait to start riding

  • More people should watch this. There's terrible drivers out there, but that's no excuse for a motorcyclist to act hostile. I swear most idiots think they're superman when they put on a helmet, but can't fight for shit. Fishing for views. Everyone's a badass until an 4 door Civic runs you over.

  • I agree 100%

  • I love the pouty rev bomb.

  • A 3 foot long 9 iron golf club is the best companion if you ride a bike 😂

  • The production quality is insanely good

  • I never was so frustrared and violent than when I was drived to work and back on my yamaha. Drivers should really look more on the road and less on their phones.

  • I ride. I dont smash anything...

  • Hard to do when driver stupidity has been blossoming in the last two years or so. Maybe it's covid brain fog. Who knows.

  • "Ask the fly on your windshield" brilliant

  • Nah carry a bag of change around and throw it through the next window that cuts you off 👌

  • I think I dislike the idiot bikers who swear and damage people’s property whenever they want, more than the cars who aren’t aware of what they’re doing most of the time. (Especially if said idiots out it on YT)

  • So stoic Ryan

  • god damm always perfect videos

  • Who smashes windows when mirrors are such an ideal option?

  • Name of jacket or link to where to buy at 4:44 please. Thanks. Great vid too

  • Name of jacket or link at 4:48

  • Ok wtf. I’m very high and one of the first things I see is a finger smashed by a hammer. Why

  • I was wrong. THIS is your master-piece

  • if you can make that video on all language you can please

  • Your channel has my respect and you give good advice. My respect for bikers in general has gone down after seeing the amount of horrendous riders on youtube. They are giving good bikers a bad name so please start doing something to educate the idiots.

  • Pro tip - leave the helmet on if you get off the bike and approach someone. That being said, don’t do that under any circumstances. Leave or pull over and let them pass.

  • I want that Bronco

  • lemmee do some math here......Let's see...The hypotenuse of the negative integer over the angle of the dangle (squared) ....mumble....mumble....I GOT IT! That fucking car is bigger than me and can kill me!

  • Every single youtube video ive seen where riders hate on cars, its the riders fault for literally not even bothering to brake or turn before coming up to clearly visible traffic.

  • my solution to road-rage is simple.....Just assume you and the other rider/driver are on foot. You would hold a door for the person behind you before entering a building, your greet people on the sidewalk as you encounter them, you accommodate elderly people no matter what, you don't pass a person in trouble on the sidewalk indifferently and many other points. If we walk as we ride, badly that is, we should consider anger management courses.

  • Never take the helmet off before a fight.

  • 3:04 got damit mom

  • keep a lid on it,,,, if you participate in road rage you're on a loser no matter what the outcome,,,,,,,

  • as my great grandmother would say the graveyards full of people who had the right of way.

  • This is like, a professional grade video dude.

  • I really like the title of it it's intended to grab the attention of non-bike enthusiasts as a self-help defensive measure but what it really does is just try and help give the perspective of motorcyclists

  • Because they're big fucking babies who put themselves in a life threatening situation and blame everyone else for it.

  • The editing is next level

  • Brilliant

  • Incredible videos and content man. 1,000/10

  • If anyone on a bike (I like bikes, it's the boneheads ON them I can't stand) breaks my mirror or window, their next view will be of my oil pan. And I don't care if they had the "right of way".

  • I feel attacked, violence is always an option that is available to all.

  • Honestly, i drive a car 12 hours a day, as a delivery driver, alone, perfect for rage. After an hour of driving you just reliase its not worth it spending your energy on someone who doesnt care. If they didnt make you emergency brake, they didnt cut you off, and its not worth confronting them. If you are gonna do it, be nice. Just say, hey dude, please dont do that again, check your mirror next time, thanks. And thats it.

  • Nice message, congratulations for this video. Drivers should watch it too.

  • Your videos are absolutely gold.

  • Do nothing.......If you want to frustrate the shit out of a moto-troll who is trying to piss you off... *DO NOTHING.*

  • I carry a 16 oz. hammer. It does a much better job on a**hole's mirrors, without causing damage to my fists.

  • Now tell us why some people make traps out of wires for cross riders.

  • Pinching a side mirror at speed is the closest thing to a modern caverly charge.

  • This is why you filter, why you are always ahead of the traffic staying away from idiots. Being quiet, invisible, stealth... is better that laud, showy and arrogant. This is like muffs on your handlebar. If you are pro rider who does 30k miles a year in every kind of weather, you have them. If you are Sunday hero who takes his 190hp toy out for a ride in sunny weather... yeap, you are the the one you gets into arguments and fights!

  • And I thought I was strange for pounding in 3 drivers side windows in my time.

  • I tend to ride where I can have the most fun and my interactions with cars the fewest , I would never dream of breaking windows or mirrors , most folks don't mean to cut you off it just happens sometimes. I have more close calls and more cut offs in a car than on my bike , I also don't lane split or ride to the front. IMHO a lane is a lane and your spot it sound be respected on both sides.

  • paraphrasing Capone: you can get far riding a bike, but can get much farther riding a bike and a (sawed-off) shotgun. :oP

  • Soo true bro excellent thanks

  • Does anyone know the title of this song which is at the beginning?

  • Splitters deserve to get it

  • I don't objectify anyone. I'm not mad at their car, or at traffic. I'm mad at them, personally. I'm mad that they either haven't take them time to learn how to properly operate their vehicle, or that they have zero regard for the life of anyone else around them. Obviously, they believe that their task trumps everything.

  • So in the US more people get killed trough road rage related assaults than the total murder rate of most other western countries. Congrats, there is something wrong with your country.

  • Yep, "shitty cheap" describes it perfectly.

  • Blue Velvet

  • I can get how the adrenaline rush of having almost been killed by the stupidity of some lazy a**hole in a truck will trigger some primeval aggression some otherwise very civil human beings have deep deep inside of them.

  • dude, great content.

  • 1:26. Greatest. Scene. Ever. But what a great message. Your reaction should be no reaction. Please don't feed the cagers.

  • I would chase said biker. (To get insurance info and call police) Now I can't help it if I accidently clip him with my car along the chase...

  • I just always give em a thumbs down calmly, not being an asshole, but just saying "hey there buddy, ya messed up"

  • 2:02 Seinfeld reference?

  • Motorcycles are usually bought by insecure young men who couldn't afford a fast and cool car and think other people see them as hardcore. That's why they smash windows. Because no one gives a fuck about motorcycles.

  • I've ridden since 1977 and never felt compelled to take out a window or mirror when a driver makes a mistake. So many videos on NOwine show 2 wheeled GoPro trolls out putting themselves in positions that encourage conflict or exaggerating how "close to death" they were by someone doing a totally legit tight lane change. These children need to grow up. Most drivers aren't idiots. Many riders are. Ride fast. Ride safe. Ride smart.

  • One of my favorite vids from you dude. Love the editing and the message Thanks

  • Motorcycle gloves got armored knuckles for a reason......

  • Raging is way more fun some times...