What's Inside the Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2021?

Publisert 22. mai. 2021
Foam and stuff, right? It turns out there's a lot of cool tech that goes into making modern motorcycle crash helmets. Take a look inside the best and safest full faces of 2021!

Shoei RF-1400 - frt9.co/la2f68
HJC F70 Carbon - frt9.co/mhia1t
Scorpion EXO-R1 FIM - frt9.co/zy3moz
Z1R Range MIPS - frt9.co/l0ueaz

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  • Got the Shoei in the same colour last year as my first helmet :> Tumbled off a stalled bike during lessons and it certainly took all of the impact - made a full circle like I was wearing a roll cage lol

  • I can listen to you all day, I don't even like motorbikes!

  • I've read news reports of youth pastors giving penetration.

  • If I may submit a request, could you perhaps do such a test of the LS2 FF900 VALIANT II helmet? My wife and I ordered a couple of them from Europe. Thank you for posting such informative and entertaining videos. After learning about MIPS liners from this video, I wish I could just buy a MIPS liner and add it to them. But, no one seems to be selling the liners to add to existing helmets.

  • *Lemmy's gonna pay you a visit.*

  • I love Eddy Wally at 3:43...He 's a Belgian charm singer...check him out at NOwine

  • If you don't have one already, could you do a video on the best flip-face/modular helmets? I know they're substantially less safe, but I'm still partial to them personally having grown up with nothing but full-face...

  • 1:08 You do know something about Physics... you do.

  • Since I have a "long oval" head shape, I have learned that only Arai signet helmets fit my head shape. Have you ever considered exploring helmet design and head shape?

  • So if price was no a factor what’s the best helmet ???

  • Shoei wrecked the JCruze with the stupid SENA integration .

  • This youth pastor joke reminded me of the pastor who christened my nephew - an avid rider, he was wearing leather riding pants underneath his robes when performing the rites :D Sadly, he passed away a few years back. Nothing motorcycle related, it was a diving accident.

  • that ending was so fucking good lol i'm legit laughing so hard

  • The jokes! 🤣🤣🤣 But seriously, don't you feel trapped with those full face helmets?

  • is there one for riding gears as well ???

  • This guy is FortNye the motorcycle science guy.

  • Is it so easy, : than more expensive a helmet are, then more safe??

  • Enjoy watching your vid's matey. The helmet with air puffable padding gave me an idea. A good mate of mine recently dropped his FJR 1300 at 5km/h, his women was on the back fart arsing around. Broke his lower leg and cracked his knee in half. He wasn't wearing boots, that's on him. However, he also broke his shoulder and bruised it up something terrible while wearing a Joe Rocket Jacket. Which brings me back to my idea, how come there isn't a Jacket with Shoulder Air Puffable bags inserted. Air protection around the shoulders would be great. Even the Helite, which i have, doesn't cover the Shoulder socket. Injure your shoulder, your out for months. What say yee. Jim

  • My god the shell joke😂😂😂

  • Who ever wrote the script needs a raise

  • Simply brilliant; keep these videos coming! Thank you!

  • Which helmet is the quietest

  • 5:30 I own this helmet and had never discovered this feature

  • Shame that wasn't 6D helmet in the test...

  • Thanks for guiding me toward the better protection. I really really like the Icon Airflite Peacekeeper , but if the Scorpion is the better brain pan, well its worth looking into.

  • Arai passed both SNELL and ECE2206 test with flying colors

  • What?? Is rf9 affordable excellent helmet ????.what size fit on head??.shoeing wont fit my head either.i asked shoeing to make custom sizing.they said no?????????.

  • Your content is by the the best out my guy!!! Love it

  • I love you and the work & passion you share w us 🥺✨✨✨ I looooove who you are

  • Just AGV

  • 5:32 did i miss something? my helmet from nexo over 10 years ago had these pump system

  • Crying looking you destroy helmet,becouse i can't buying thats helmet,very expensive for me😭😭😭

  • Marc Marquez uses Shoei X-14

  • Brilliantly intelligent and utilitarian, not to mention entertaining!

  • This is a most excellent video. I like how you cut it apart, explain each layer and rating standard. I have ridden 45 years, always buy top of the line helmets offering the best protection. I crashed in 1983 with a Bell Star helmet which save my life no doubt, crash once and you are a believer. After my crash I took a motorcycle safety course and learned how to ride, went on to become a motorcycle safety instructor for 15 years and now just enjoy my wind therapy.

  • I went from a Shoei RF 1200 to a Bell race star flex dlx. Both great helmets. I love the Bell, Carbon fiber, photo chromatic shield, select able cheek pad for perfect fit, very light, super quiet, aero dynamic. I could go on, yes it is expensive but how much is brain surgery going to cost you.

    • "...Because a benevolent physicist always leaves the finicky work for engineers." - Too true. Damned physicists.

  • Why not mention Arai corsair X the best of the best

    • He said "cheapest" and all Arai are pricey

  • Shoei

    • "...Because a benevolent physicist always leaves the finicky work for engineers." - Too true. Damned physicists.

  • Interesting however why you didn´t select one helmet from Arai?

  • Another excellent vid

  • Well the air system by scorpion is a nice idea I had one and had to get it changed three times, before I got my money back. Everytime the reason for change was the airbladders leaking. If they improve the system I might take a look back to them. But till then I stay with my HJC

  • 1:32 That guy was a scammer

    • "...Because a benevolent physicist always leaves the finicky work for engineers." - Too true. Damned physicists.

  • You explain everything so perfectly I can’t wait to learn to ride, i am binge watching everything preparing, studying and learning

  • Still LOVING you VIDEOS in 2021 I Ride a 1997 VTR 1000F FIRESTORM/SUPER HAWK and have £350 British pounds to spend WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND MATE? Any bodies reply would be most graciously be considered, Thank you.

  • Last I read about the Snell rating they used multiple impact points on multiple helmets they bought at different stores to try and get the truest ratings.

  • But did Revzilla accept the return though?

  • Both useful, and fucking hilarious! 👍🏻

    • Mandatory disclaimer: people should check the details of the ECE rating they see on helmets. 22/05 and 22/06 are quite different and not many helmets are up to the 22/06 standard just yet!

  • Haven't you used the man with two penis (Pini?) previously? Perhaps you should give him an extra, or take a couple away. Dang; now I need to buy an angle grinder and cut into my old helmets!

  • Why would you want such a silent helmet? You think you'd want to hear what's going on around you.

  • AGV K5?

  • Next time use a horizontal bandsaw

  • I absolutely LOVE my new Icon Airflite...

  • 0:32 Gotta love this man! hahahaha

  • No agv lids 😦

  • Brilliant, and a good laugh as usual.

  • Which is the safest tho?

  • I had a shark that let me pump thr cheeks up. Loved it

  • “Youth pastor” hahahaha :-) are ADV helmets silly & unnecessary? The visor & all that? I like the idea of having a lot more space around my mouth for drinking from my bladder hose & the larger wind screen, but does the sun shade really provide… shade?

  • Best. Helmet. Review. Ever.

  • I absolutely love he doesn’t just say “this is the best helmet buy this one here’s my code” But actually explains WHAT makes it a great helmet then let’s you deduct which one you want. Bravo my guy

  • I have a helmet with mips

  • What do you think about the Scorpion ExO HX1?

  • The “I’ve done it” at 3:12 gives off huge Jeremy Clarkson energy

  • Can you cover options for those who wear glasses? I have prescription Oakley sunglasses with rubber wind blocking eye surrounds, but they jiggle a lot. What are options regarding goggles? Thanks.

  • Nooooooooooooooo 😱😱😱

  • That’s Eddy Wally saying “Waw”! 😂😂😘

  • Hi, just wondering what's your opinion on MT helmets. Are they good enough?

  • One of the few youtubers that writes their content like an essay. I don't even like rap but if there were ever a rap battle between you and Brian from Regular Car Reviews, I'd 100% watch it.

  • You make learning a ton of fun! Thanks

  • The next time you think of smashing helmets, could you give me the 1500$ next time?

  • One man's angle Grinder is another man's weapon of mass destruction

  • Others come here for reviews, I come here for the jokes and giggles

  • The puns had me cracking up. Love the content!

  • I had to stop riding due to Spondylosis, but I will keep on watching your videos as long as possible. Good work guys, keep it up.

  • i have the helmet you cut. i must say, for under 250$ the bell MX9 Adventure MIPS is absolutely outstanding. quality rivals more expensive road helmets i have.

    • Mandatory disclaimer: people should check the details of the ECE rating they see on helmets. 22/05 and 22/06 are quite different and not many helmets are up to the 22/06 standard just yet!

  • And I still can't decide which one to buy😂

  • So wait…Tokyo…do we still have a problem?

  • I'll take the one with all those features for 50 bucks

  • Out in the states shoei rf1400 is Snell certified, not ece. I read on some chats that the ece version is only available in European market. Is the Snell version just as safe?

  • what about sharp test

  • What’s with all the dirty jokes?

  • 👇🏽 physicists pride, engineers regret. This is how I felt reading *Arin Angel's* comment. 😋

  • Amazing video

  • Buddy i am from india here they ask for isi which is worst than worst.. i wish i could use your help and make a company here in india which makes helmets cheap priced but it should be able to save the rider.

  • Please grind using a face shield. Wouldn't need a helmet if that grinder ends up on your face 🤪

  • That return to RevZilla was pure gold 😂😂😂

    • Mandatory disclaimer: people should check the details of the ECE rating they see on helmets. 22/05 and 22/06 are quite different and not many helmets are up to the 22/06 standard just yet!

  • It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all! - stupid sexy Flanders

  • god i love my x-14

  • Please review the reevu msx1.

  • the metaphors and similes are off the charts hahah. That pastor one is hilarious!

    • nowine.info/loft/pomEsoaddrWRoII/video That little growl with the angle grinder in his hand is making me impatient for what he sounds like when he picks up the chain saw.

  • when he started with "Hey!" I almost expected him to say Vsauce next

  • Where does icon helmets sit in that scale?

  • A comic strip would be put to shame with the kind of script written for this vid... Too good 👍🏼

  • Wait..so which one is the best??

  • 3:45 That was something unexpected... A wild Eddy Wally appears!

    • Glad you're back man, I've missed these reviews. never stop doing your other stuff though its so much fun to see what's next!

  • So frustrating, damage caused by the shipping carrier.

  • Ya but what about schuberth

  • Amazing video as always 👌

  • Ok but why you don't test the Arai and the Kilm and the Schuberth elements?

  • Ryan destroyed two helmets for this one video, whats next? Is he going to rip the arms and legs off an Alpinestar suit?