Vintage CB360T vs Modern CB300R - Motorcycle Evolution Test

Publisert 6. sep.. 2020
It's grandpa vs grandson this time. They might have 45 years between them, but they’re essentially the same motorcycle aimed at the same buyer. The real question is - have motorcycles gotten better or worse?

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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • First vid I’ve ever watched and gotta say I loved every second and all the footage and appreciate the explanations. This is from a car guy and am starting to appreciate bikes. Thanks

  • As someone who recently bought a rare classic car at the age of 25 do I agree with the people who prefer the older one. Old vehicles are cool and it shows that way more skill and workmanship was present when making them.

  • this video is insanely perfect

  • The "... because grandpa got it right" part made me smile like a little boy getting a lollipop because I got my grandpa's old 1975 Suzuki GT125 (which me and my dad made into a Café racer -ish bike), and my brother got a 2014 Honda CBR125R.

  • I got the better deal, with the new CB350 Hness. That's exactly what you descibe in the last minute of the video, I think.

  • Yes a fair job and a better bike.... So why we are all attracted by than shiny and gorgeous Honda cb360t? Wonder if my son will have the glow in his eyes when he'll watch a 2020 Honda "neo sport cafè" ...

  • It's interesting how wages in developed countries remain stagnant, but in poorer countries it has more than trippled in the last 20 years. I

  • How to convince anybody to go retro in 11 minutes. Man, what a great video!

  • This grandma agrees, which is why I just bought a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

  • not to mention modern day bikes need a catalytic converter, money. and need to pay carbon tax to produce, more money. To think how many people take that thing off and replace with aftermarket exhaust. lol

  • Wow. In so succinct a manner so much said...

  • Yes. That end point. Just yes

  • 10:00 that's why i love Royal Enfield bikes , they give Good retro bikes at a quarter of the pricing compared to similar retro bikes.

  • Ah, the golden age

  • Couldn't (didn't want to) read all 5,589 previous comments, so maybe someone else pointed this out. Notice the height of the passenger footpegs on each bike. Back in the day, especially prior to helmet mandates, you could easily take a friend for a motorcycle ride. "Need a ride home? Jump on!" Nowadays with nearly ever-present helmet laws you're not going to have an extra helmet dangling off the back of your bike, so no dice. And even when you plan ahead, anyone over 4' tall will never take a second ride on one of these new torture machines with the passenger foot pegs mounted so ridiculously high. (Yes - I know why they do it) Plus, with the raised passenger portion of the seat on new bikes giving the passenger more control over the bike than the pilot because of his increased leverage, and the bi-level seat creating an awkward riding position for both rider and passenger, like very tall and very short dance partners, most riders don't even want to put up with a passenger in the first place. So very few ever even ride on a motorcycle and so don't even consider riding one. That's a very large contributing factor as to why motorcycles are losing popularity. IMO

  • If you want 1970s performance for a 2020 budget, go visit a Royal Enfield dealership.

  • Well done, Fortnine!!

  • The biggest change is newer generations realizing how good slower bikes, but better made, bikes are. The tech is ancient, but they made up for it by knowing what people really wanted and needed, rather than selling the idea of performance, which wiser people realize doesn't matter 99% of the time. Take heart, modern kids are learning lessons most people take decades to learn, that speed has nothing to do with enjoyment. And I say this as a person who knows a 19 year old kid who hates fuel injected bike and exclusively rides carbureted Hondas. That kid's more passionate for the old days than I am.

  • I 100% disagree when it comes to “better built” hand painted and chrome is all well and good until either get sun faded or scratched. Paint is harder to replace and more costly, same with chrome, besides the point of chrome and paint isn’t for everyone, one bad day for the painter and there’s a bad looking job that you likely can’t replace yourself.

  • modern cb300r doesn't even have a gear position indicator, let that sink in

  • 6:38 Let's release the discussion again twenty niners.

  • I had the exact same 360 , bought brand new in 1975 was my second bike. Traded in a 1972 Yamaha (Purple) 200 twin smoker. Oh the days of riding real motorcycles, miss them. Thanks for the memories great video.

  • after watching these video,am keeping my 78' stock😍

  • drop an emulator valve on the old bike and it handles way way better... I still think that old styling is sexier

  • Do you film on Blackmagic and edit on Davinci? I like the look and it keeps reminding me of Blackmagic. Great show! Thank you for the work.

  • One of my fav videos. But guys, for such well researched and put together vids, the fact that you used an SLR camera (photos) to give the impression of an old film video camera just kills my mood :(

  • I purchased a new CB350 in the early 1970's. It cost $600 and I had to finance half the purchase price. I used it for many years as my only transportation, frequently riding from the SF Bay Area to the Sierra Foothills with a backpack strapped to the back for a weekend getaway. It did get hot when stuck in traffic jams and moving slowly or not at all for significant periods of time. I had access to a milling machine and TIG welder and figured out that I could cut into the side case to access the oil passage. I fabricated a block to divert the oil flow to an external radiator (and back), a repurposed auto cabin heater radiator, and welded it into place and mounted the radiator to the front frame tubes. I removed the stock handlebars and mounted clip-ons. I also removed the internal baffles from the dual mufflers. It really screamed when revving to 10,000 rpm. Maybe screamed a little too much. I once got stopped by the CHP and cited for excessive noise. The officer stuck a measuring tape up into the exhaust to prove that I had modified it. I then fabricated a perforated plates and screwed it to the end of the mufflers so no could use that method again.

  • Where are these old honda bikes are available please reply

  • Give me that cb 360 t any time. Many people think like that and that's the reason why R.E., Benelli, and others making good and sensible medium displacement bikes are having a lot of success.

  • You forgot to take into account the lack of quality in the modern bikes when comparing the prices.

  • 10:5 thats the new honda cb350

  • I love the older style

  • I will say that there are some nice little bikes in 3rd world markets that might fit the the bill. Back in the 2000s I was in Jamaica and rented a Yamaha RX-100. A little one lung 2 stroke of just exquisite simplicity. Those things were prolific all over the island. The type of cycle that was the main transport of an entire family.....I had more fun on that bike than I had in years! I hated to turn it back in. I wanted to take it home...

  • The real test would be a comparison of a grandson dusting off the older air cooled Honda after it sat in a garage for fifty years with 1970s gas in the tank, vs today's grandson's grandson finding the new Honda after sitting in a garage for fifty years with modern gas in the tank. So please make a new video in 50 years 8-P

  • So all those guys selling 1970s and 1980 bikes for 1500-2000 euros are ripping people off

  • I am simply mesmerized by FortNine videos. Who else combines poetry, film, physics, economics, and mechanical marvels into a cinematic ride?! Thanks for what you do and you deserve whatever rewards come your way.

  • This guy looks like QUENTIN TARANTINO from 1990s 🤣

  • Grandpa- Masculine and powerful Grandson-only look but weak inside

  • good info, love from pakistan

  • bro this is doug demuro's son

  • retro seats are more comfortable. I have tailbone pain and can ride only because retro seats are so much more comfortable

  • My low-wage ass got a 2019 CB300R which actually performed admirably until I got sideswiped and she got totalled. No regrets on that little bike tho

  • Hi, Ryan. I have a mostly original '85 Rebel. She's gorgeous, and runs perfectly. I especially love all the chrome, including the beautiful Honda-stamped dual exhaust. ☺️ But I'm curious... Would you be willing to do a video about what safety or performance mods you'd make to G'pa's old bike to update it without fuc*ing with it's aesthetics? Merci, é Peace! ~THC

  • CB350 was a massive slug. No one wasted their money on one.

  • That speed was downhill.

  • Most underrated channel

  • Do a video Yamaha R3 vs Yamaha Rd350 I had a RD350 Fun little bike she's Would get down for a older bike

  • I'd take the old one tbh, but I might be biased riding around on an XS650 from 74, it doesn't turn, the frame scrapes on the ground, it's a bitch to start in the cold weather (Though I might have somewhat fixed that), and it's top comfortable speed is less than that 350 some how ( I think it's the hog wheel someone put on it), but damn does it have character. Also that solid front disc might not be as effective as a new one but holy shit it can still lift the back wheel off the ground if you jump on it hard enough

  • Praise your sky daddy for EFI, Unleaded, ABS, and brakes that work 🙏

  • I wish Honda would watch this. And Take notes. I mean style wise. Also bring back the kick start!!!!

  • Really enjoyed this well done video. You have a talent. I have a CB 74 360 Orange. I am thinking of selling it to get a newer bike like a Triumph T 100 or a Honda 500 X. This was a good perspective. I love this old bike but it is a lot of work to keep it going.

  • Also, back then, the price difference between a low capacity bike and a high one - within manufacturers' standard ranges, was far less than it is now.

  • People say old is better while putting thousands in a bike to get it roadworthy, and then spend half an hour trying to start it up while I'm long gone on my ride. I still have carbed bikes... But I look forward toward a fuel injected bike for my daily

  • Holy and unafraid of water... Just like Jesus. This video is a work of art.

  • Those bass lines, a younger rider with taste in music is on the endangered species list.

  • Awesome you're awesome

  • Your team or whoever does these videos should write movies. Always entertaining, informative and with just enough humor that you don't come across as a big fucking joke. P.S. What shoes are you wearing?

  • All 100% correct, yes bikes are getting faster and safer, but the question is why? What statistic is the most important to motorcycle manufacturers? Moving bikes off the floor in their showrooms or ensuring the safety of their riders?

  • Excellent video ha ha love it

  • GREAT video, as always. Just a small suggestion, if I may: Replace the the word "exponentially" with "quadratically" because there is a huge difference between the two and you clearly mean the latter when describing the effect the wheel diameter has on turning agility.

  • The pogo stick got me. Love your videos.

  • The music in this episode is gorgeous

  • Man that 360 though. What a gem.

  • You should compare it with cb 350 h'ness

  • The writer and the host deserve awards for these awesome vids..... Learn something new with every vid...🤟👍

  • Old bike looks so much better.

  • god that cb360t just looks so good 3000k out the door id get one for the wife the kid my dog

  • I absolutely loved this vid.

  • The transistor controlled ignition module on my 87 Virago died last week. I cut it open and repaired it with parts from radio shack. Two hours later I got it back together and rode to the dealership to see how many more weeks its going to take to get warranty parts on my 2021 Kawasaki.

  • They are making laws in Brazil to make motorcycles safer, like obligatory disc breaks with electronic help, like ABS or CBS. It's basically making the prices become unreachable to a lot of people, in a country where people choose motorcycles because it's all they can afford. It's ridiculous that with the small motorcycles we have, it's mandatory to have expensive breaks much stronger than necessary to stop them, when drum breaks were always fine.

  • What's that wonderful song called?

  • I think this is more a testament to Honda build quality that Grandpas bikes is still eating up the miles.

  • I still trust the bike from 80s or 90s more than the computer powered rocket. Obv u should change suspension, brakes and lights

  • Compare these on a grabble road. You would have to pick up the new one from a ditch with those tyres. Srictly asphalt for new bike. Boring.

  • No wonder my monkey 125 turns easy...

  • I choose the grandfather 😍

  • Still getting the older bike cause it's robust and solid AF.

  • Beauties in the eye of the beholder grandpa‘s looking good

  • This video is just awesome, it's got it all artistic shots science explanation Impecable narration Economical analysis Man, bravo.

  • 6:28............. oh so very true - especially now.....

  • UJM's are just sexy as hell.

  • watched it countless time, getting better understanding at the content. excellent work. but still i do enjoy the song choice. just wonder who sang it

  • They aren't going to sell the stuff cheaper though... the stagnation in wages is mostly 'cause they need to line the pockets of the owners and CEOs...

  • I just *have* to nitpick - it's polynomially easier, not exponentially :D But a great video as always, thanks a lot!

  • Im still astounded by the quality of the script writing, shots, editing, creativity and information provided and showcased by your short films. All my hats off.

  • Agreed hands down the Cafe Racer is definitely cooler 🤘

  • Grandpas pogo stick 🤣🤣🤣

  • -China, Hold my tea son...

  • i got the 300r its a nice bike on a budget

  • what about father's choice?

  • Brilliant and humorous

  • @5:44 sir, there is a Lion stalking you.

  • In the same condition. The old CB will increase in value and still be a kick to ride. The newer bike will obviously be worthless in a few years. Or mostly worthless. I bet that actual bike would sell for $4000-5000 today. Even at $3500 it's a better deal. From $900 to about $3500+, yep, it's a better deal. Also. You don't look like a twit riding the old CB.

  • I own the little cb 300 since 30 month. It's one of the best looking bikes, regardless the size. Ok, the orbital gun, aka exhaust, is a bit overdone.

  • The new bike looks cool, the old bike looks good

  • Well just looking at the thumbnail I would say the 360 looks like a motorcycle and the 300 looks like a transformers cartoon. I know which I would pick. :D

  • Is the answer Royal Enfield?

  • Great video! Thank you!

  • What about the 2nd gen CB300R?

  • Sounds like a young Rod Serling.