5 Life-Saving Habits for Motorcycle Riders

Publisert 26. juli. 2020
If there’s a golden rule to motorcycling, "don’t be an idiot” would rank #1. But beyond that, there are a few things you can do to drastically lower your risk factor.

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  • I'm not sure about all those curvy lines on the chalkboard, but I sure do like waffles

  • Recently discovered your channel. I consider myself a beginner rider with my one year of practical riding so videos like this help a lot! Also I love your style or presenting content :D Subbed!

  • I thought this was common sense to break with rear and front for faster break

  • The accordion effect is real and very dangerous even in bicycles. Literally all of my crashes happened because I was following someone faster than me, and paying attention to him (instead of riding my own ride), trying to keep up because of my competitive instincts. I've almost died twice already and I'm only 24. I ride cheap MTB cuz I'm poor and that means I also have subpar brakes. "Ride your own ride" is downright the best advice someone could give me on the matter. (Btw I'm a super peaceful guy, it's just when doing stuff with other guys something competitiveness takes over rationale

  • I get overseen or my right of way taken once a month. Its ok. Think for others.

  • That Jada Smith line was clutch😂💯

  • There is only one Ryan FortNine. The guy is flat out brilliant in his presentation, logic and science. Note kids: Math has its purpose... to save motorcyclist lives.

  • best way i found to have ZERO accidents on your motorcycle: find a hot inflatable babe that sits naked on your bike , trust me everybody will stop to look at you, no need for reflectors, noise or safety gear just good ducktape will do:p

  • Damn this video made me proud of being able to read both urdu and english. Wow

  • Your videos are always cool... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • LOL the third group of hazardous drivers, Albertans. When I was a kid we referred to cars from Alberta as having "learner plates". Sadly all that is changed, Vancouver drivers are horrid now.

  • What a beautiful accent

  • Unless there's a thick intermediary on the road, oil maple syrup... Canadian problems..

  • Great vid

  • Always great information Ryan

  • How could you possibly dislike this video

  • Actually the "placebo effect" from bananas is false. Potassium promotes muscle relaxation.

  • I love/hate group rides. If I'm riding with my friends I'm always the slow guy, if I'm riding with a bunch of Hoglies I just wanna get going before my engine overheats. I almost never have my foot on the rear brake when stopped, my bikes shift on the right, correct, side and I want my left foot on pavement.

  • Thanks for the info !

  • 💯💯

  • “Do it because it’s the rule/smart/safe/the law” doesn’t sit well with me. Ryan’s content speaks to the part of me that is only satisfied by reason - the part of me that my wife sometimes hates. I truly appreciate what comes from this channel - it teaches safety, control, understanding, and can help riders enjoy riding more. Keep up the great work!

  • Imposible to think all this physics in the middle of a brake.

  • So it's better to scan the street from right stop at the centre and left than the contrary?

  • The calculations they use to set speed limits; doubly so for motorcyclists. Dont speed.

  • A couple of these tips do not apply to 35% of the world. :-)

  • nice ideas >>>> thanks for your help with our drive mistake >>>> you ride my dream bike >> I have a Turkish version of your bike and I feel like I got the world >>>> hope one day got one like your bike

  • Your effort is awesome but you know this much knowledge is unusable when on road. I am from India the largest two wheeler market in the world. What I have learnt driving motorcycles for 25 years is that just like people have different levels of hand eye coordination so is their driving skills. So the first thing would be motorcyclists should have good balance on bicycles. This is basic. If you did not like cycling chances are high you do not have good hand eye coordination. So when riding a motorcycle keep this is mind. Second is traffic analysis. You riding a two wheeler is always susceptible to be vulnerable as compared to a four wheeler therefore keep that in mind. Think yourself as a small animal in the jungle and you have to survive rather than compete. The third important thing is reflexes. When riding on road practice emergency breaking at corners and when you are cruising. In two to three years your body will develop the ability to balance even when the bike shakes. And when braking the rear is applied first followed by the front and in staggered way ie when you have to slow down from a relative high speed apply and release both brakes two to three times before coming to a stop. Also keep your vision in a 120 degree arc before you so as to be aware of all possible situations.

  • Where were you when I took my license?

  • its wild to think youve probably saved lives by now

  • Yeah I'm bilingual explains me surviving Pakistan traffic lmao

  • WarOwl of motorcycling

  • 2:49

  • Omg... ur god of driving physics... subscribe ur channel.. thanks

  • Come on man.... The Alberta shot was a low blow....

  • preloading the lever is also good for riding mountainbike as it allowes you to make more precise adjustments to your braking which is kinda important when you are going down a hill over loose rocks and mud

  • You missed, maintain a proper following distance , leave yourself an escape route and of course treat everyone in a cage like complete moron's. As a matter of fact that is the number one rule.

  • the most useless physics-induced motorcycle channel. but it has views!

  • Pretend like your invisible

  • FFS, stop saying hysteresis wrong. I just can’t.

  • The problem with putting slower people infront is that it messes up the people who are more experienced and instead of growing and learning how to take those turns more professionally they have to basically "dumb down" the way they ride. Best to keep more experienced riders infront while having one in the back to make sure the slower less experienced riders are okay and to stop at stop signs and wait for the group to catch up. It's never a race but it's fun to learn how to take those turns tighter by riding with other riders

  • Very important information, very well put. When two of us are riding it's unspoken that whichever side of the lane you start out in you stay in. If I'm riding with someone I'm not familiar with I allow myself extra room.

  • I loved this its proper stuff 👍

  • He could be talking about atoms all day, his voice is just hypnotic :D

  • Like a deflated sex doll?? Oh Canada🤦🏼‍♂️

  • stupid video

  • I ride a motorized bike, which can be invisible to certain people, so I always have my fingers on my levers in traffic. I also stand up through intersections, to make myself appear larger, so idiots will be more likely to make the connection that I'm an obstacle to avoid.

  • Brilliant video mate, Kind Regards James Fae (from) Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Part of the UK 🇬🇧 😊 👍

  • Down shift if necessary!

  • You mean a lot to me!

  • Am I the only guy in the world who four-fingers the brake and clutch levers?

  • When i know I'm faster than my group i stay behind and start speeding on straight line just so they know I'm fast. When near turns i start going behind.. you never knows whats around so i let them check :)

  • Lol at the Alberta plates on that drawing haha

  • I "feel" like I've actually learned and restablished some truisms that I know. An everyday rider.

  • Ride like everyone else is an idiot..

  • I need to go back to school and learn more physics before watching his videos ,

  • Hahaha i am an Albertan this is one if the most funny things iv ever seen

  • I don’t even own a bike.


  • Dyslexics are actually very good at bidirectional scanning as well.

  • This guys good, very good. In depth, accessible and entertaining.

  • best advice is: Ride like everybody is trying to kill you

  • Superb. As always.

  • 4:57. Wolfenstein 3D. Older people will get this.

  • By the way, safety first. You can't do this when you dead.

  • That was cool. As an old man, I already knew all that stuff. You did a wonderful job plainly explaining. Thank you. Most enjoyable.

  • Get to the five habits and then explain them. This video is droning on and I just had to leave. The boredom was overwhelming.

  • We are too competitive. Everyone has something to prove. Just ride for fun, that’s why I always prefer to sweep.

  • My English not so good but still watched whole video =) this is first video of yours... For breaking simple saying squeeze like limon

  • Ryan has his own funny way of presenting very serious issues! His humorous ways always makes me watch everything to the very end!

  • dude you truly make fantastic easy to understand educational videos

  • what is that an Escalade behind me?

  • Lots of bad info here. Applying your front brake as stated will nullify your brake light guaranteeing a rear end crash. As road racers learn braking the rear brake is used first lightly to set the chassis up to brake hard with the front thus reducing the tendency to lock the front wheel. Scanning forward should be done by looking as far forward as posible then scanning one side. Return your sight to the forward point then scan the other side. This gives you sight of animals approaching the road. While doing this scan pay attention to the vehicles on cross roads. If their speed appears to be not slowing prepare to stop because they probably are not going to. Be safe take care and remember you are the only one paying attention

  • 2:48

  • Is this guy a physicist?

  • I've been riding bike like years of my life, i can say that my right hand have ABS feature since i broke my hand 2 times Edit : i mean motorcycles, not bike like bicycle

  • By the way you should be reading audio books...... very pleasant to listen to and perfect explanation.

  • how was the first shot filmed?

  • 0:52 Great way to destroy your brake pads and also clutch

  • One of your best. Well done.

  • What's up with the mixed direction road diagram at about the 5 minute mark? The horizontal road has folks driving on the left. The vertical road has folks driving on the right. \_0_/

  • wonderful video!

  • So I need to learn how to read backwards..got it :)

  • Deep rut on city streets, sometimes so deep, I accidentally dropped my brand new motorcycle tonight. It seems that both feet where unable to reach the ground like as a normal level, so, yes, lost balance, dropped it on the right side. No damage, thanks, maybe beginners luck. Just got my motorcycle driving licence a couple weeks ago, and one of the first thing we've learned, is to break using the rear brake, like in the video, preferably use the rear brake to hold the motorcycle too. Never use the front brake if the handlebar is not straight. Funny to see you talk about those very usefull tips in that video. Instructors repeated those tips so many times, in way to let us remember them as much as possible.

  • ha haa jokes on you we don't put Alberta plates on the front. so you'll never know. love the vid btw

  • Thanks Man, this may save my life one day 👍🏻

  • Smartest and coolest guy I've ever glanced on

  • Dude you have a voice fit for a professional narrator 👌🏼

  • Great stuff - great mind - thanks!

  • I love the fact that he actually spent the time to bring up fairly complex physics, and explained all of it so well!

  • forward medical commercial, how many people do you share our medical files with,people like their privacy! i.e. you and customer, that is it!

  • He managed to get “Homo Motorcyclist” & “Blow the Rider” in the same sentence, and never missed a beat…….respect 👍

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  • Your videos are incredible. Entertaining and brilliant. Thank you

  • That last tip was great and really explained a lot of my own emotions I had about a recent group ride in which I decided to go to the back of the group because I noticed a new friend kept following me too close... it became clear if I had to brake he would be coming too close to me as a result of that effect. In one occasion he rode up the side of another guy.

  • But we’re not taught to cover our brake lever in traffic. We’re taught to keep away from any control not in use. Also, locking fingers behind the lever can get in the way of a full squeeze of lever travel (as a common denominator. shaped levers matter, but that is advance specific) Emergency stops should also be practiced. Pedantic, yes - but practicing emergency stops on your bike(s) in a parking lot matters. Also, loading the lever activates your brake light unless adjusted , which was missed. One issue in so many excellent videos

  • Wow I’m a bidirectional reader because I speak English and can read Arabic because I’m Muslim.

  • Best part is the clip from the safety video at the end. (All the rest is definitely great info too)