Transform Your Motorcycle in 5 Mods

Publisert 8. mai. 2021
Bored of your old motorbike? These 5 motorcycle mods will make it feel like a whole new machine. Maximum impact, minimum mechanic skills. Let's get started!

Saddlemen Step Up Seat:
Biltwell Handlebars:
Memphis Shades Fairing:
Arlen Ness Pegs and Grips:
Kuryakyn BL2000 Bar End Indicators:
Maxima SC1 Silicone Detail Spray:

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  • I agree on every mod but the mirrors, they don't look practical in that position!

  • Stock seats are much too soft, especially combined with budget suspensions and American-size waistlines. You tend to smash right thru them on bumps and impact the hard plate beneath. They also let your hips roll too much. When I switched my cushy CTX700 seat for a Corbin- it was much firmer but I straddle it better and it gives the support needed. So it's actually much better for long rides than the pillow that came stock. Plus I got it color matched to the silver bike. Even at a bike night with tons of custom bikes-- almost all of them have a boring black seat. Maybe a leather job with tassles for the baggers. But rarely do you see a fully color matched seat. An aftermarket seat more than doubled the number of miles I can put in on the machine which makes it well worth the fairly high cost. Not a cheap mod, but bang for the buck it's actually a great investment.

  • The blinkers/winkers are fine but I would need to replace the ones on the back as well. The color of the saddle is ugly to me. I'm glad you like it. The fairing... meh, passible. The pegs, I'd go for something with rubber to quell the throbbing motor so I don't get peripheral neuropathy. I like that you raised them up. De-skulling it? Good movement. No shit. But a Harley? Smells like a sellout, but whatever floats your boat. You may please someone's clit with that thing and maybe that's a good enough reason. Should have shown her on the outtro shot just to explain everything without any words needed.

  • Beautyfull

  • Like polishing a turd. Still better than the original though.

    • "You wouldn't dye your hair red and your bush black" (3:45) The comedy comes to fast and subtly in this channel, love that Ryan talks up and not down to his viewers.

  • What was the windshield height on that roadwarrior?

  • That's awesome in all other respects, but brown leather within a black-red-chrome colourscheme? Really? Anyway, if I look away from that colour, it's still great :D

  • By putting a windshield on a cruiser, you have committed a crime against the sense of beauty

  • Even when the subject doesn't really interest me or apply. It's always entertaining. 👍😎

  • Amazing vid. I'd continue with a wrapped exhaust and HPA filter

  • That sticker was the best part of that motorcycle.

  • When you hit a dyna tank slapper, those mirrors are gonna be embedded in your tank.

  • I had exactly the same bike. I turned it into a old school badass bobber painted with scallops. It was so cool but extremely uncomfortable after that 😂

  • So funny. I just inherited a 1999 Dyna Low Rider, mostly stock. I will bookmark this video.

  • Harleys are for Trump voters...closeted or not. Fat, overweight, loud, obnoxious, obsessed with image, and eager to demonstrate how much wealth they have because they think we care how they look.

  • What about that death wobble

    • "You wouldn't dye your hair red and your bush black" (3:45) The comedy comes to fast and subtly in this channel, love that Ryan talks up and not down to his viewers.

  • That fairing looks like it's from the TV show "CHIPs" but to watch his own.

  • please make an video on what makes an engine great or durable

  • He made that bike look so much better with simple mods!

  • Spoken like a true millennial! Nicely done. Lol

  • What type is it exactly? Have been trying to find it online, but never seemed to find exactly one like that. A Wide Glide?

    • @Evelyn 21 y.o - check my vidéó Aha! The bots are back!

  • Am I the only one who thinks it was better before ???

  • Cough club style.

  • Am i the only one who likes stock?..

  • You can’t polish a turd Ryan.

  • dont like the tall bars. rest looks very good.

  • Don’t forget your pipes and your tuner 🤙

  • I love that sticker

  • We need More F9 in life!..😎

  • How to make your bike into a latte sipping cruiser, complete with soy milk!!

  • I literally just bought a 99 super glide just like this bike 😂

  • What is everyone’s opinion on lowering springs ? I feel like I would like the bike lower. I come from a low rider background. If anyone has advice please comment. Before I buy them lol

  • 0:33 amogus windshield 😳

    • This is why I effing love this channel so intuitive, so real and raw and no BS ness about it. pure genius!and this is me talking as an old British salt fish!!

  • I still like the roundish look of older motorcycles. Many of the newer models are too "rakish" and full of sharp angles. Some of the new bikes simply look like the designer was addicted to old 50's giant bug movies! The Harley mods were not only needed, but definitely improved the look and functionality of the motorcycle. Counter culture be damned! Good video Ryan!

  • Need more Harley content

  • And here I'd be replacing the tank with one with knee scallops, red with gold pinstriping and the same H-D logos, and more of that brown pillowtop as knee pads. The bars are nifty, but would have gone more clubman style. Also, I'd have rearset those pegs as long as they're being swapped out. As for flipping the mirrors... wonder how those little bar end ones from your "(possibly) illegal mods" show would work?

  • 3:10 Custom Motorcycles look better than stock because they lack pesky 'legal things'. He is referring to the turn signals. 😄 haha

    • As an American I love the American jokes. They are hilarious and spot on. Yet another awesome, entertaining and informative video. Keep up the great work.

    • "What was once counter cultural has been around long enough to become cliche" Harley Davidsons problem in a nutshell....Ryan nailed it!

  • If Harley sold the 883 for 7k new, they would win some young buyers. But when even your bike is listed for 14k on craigslist it only worsens the image of Harley and it's riders.

    • Best part about the barend signals: You won't forget to cancel your signal and drive everyone else insane for 20 miles. Because you will drive yourself insane if you don't.

  • With the new positioning of your mirrors, your knees will have a clearer view of what's behind you.

  • You are a very funny young man. I love the line about "dying your bush black", but most (American) women under 35 or so don't HAVE a carpet, just linoleum. Probably half the men too, I'm told 🙄. You wacky hipsters.

  • Absolutely love what you did with this!

  • "Patches money can't buy."

  • What was that tool used to get the sticker off?

  • Had a Saddlemen, hated it. That gell padding held in heat that was unbearable after 45 min on a hot day.

  • Good luck with the diamond-dance... or death-wobble... but I didn't intend to scare you.

  • You made a Harley less ugly. Still a Harley.

  • Wicked

  • Hi Fortnine, love your Channel but OMG, you can’t show to millions of people that you mount grips with WD40!!! It’s criminal!!!

  • ruined it

  • Shit Ryan, your videos are just the best. So enjoying to watch. Better than anything on youtube/netflix. Can watch your videos all day man!

    • As an American I love the American jokes. They are hilarious and spot on. Yet another awesome, entertaining and informative video. Keep up the great work.

  • the original seat looks better.

  • I think you did a great job. My process was similar.. Looks like we both got 1990 95 Dyna's. nothing wrong with crash bars K-bars or frame sliders. I'm a wannabe wheelie guy . Extra protection is key if things go wrong. P.S Get rid of the spoke rims and get some mags. Those rims will get loose they create wobble they're never completely true. they also flex in turns And do all kinds of wonky stuff when you hit potholes.

  • Link to the bar ends?

  • What harley model/year is that HD?

  • He writes great dialogue, his sense of humor is spot on and the range of his references astounds. I would listen to his vids even if I wasn't into bikes.

  • aaaaaand skulls-

  • :) I'm getting older now. I'm still riding a a sport motorcycle, mainly because health made a quick change in career. Like no career! But, I was once toying with buying a Harley. The sales man almost cured me of the notion on the first ride. A Harley 72 sportster. Probably the most uncomfortable thing I have ever ridden and looked gaudy. I then tried a Roadster, looks great, handles ok, nice power, for what it is but the foot pegs, for me, were right where I want to put my feet when I stop. Then I took a Road King M8 for a ride. Stock, looks fantastic, rides beautifully for the whale it is, suspension is a bit too spongy if you break too hard but a great bike. Now, they've stopped making them and all the second hand ones have been messed with.

  • Outro song?

    • @Julia - 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE this doesn't answer my question

  • Might be a boomer but I just don’t like modern on classic I would prefer the original HD look no need for extra mods

  • Nice Bike: unrelated. can you recommend a good paint source. I restored my Honda CB 1979 750K , the Anniversary edition , which in fact I got back in 79. Due to storage, there are some scratches and chipped paint on the tank I would like to recover. Its a two tone ( burgundy metal Flake, and Cherry Metal Flake ) - Thanks -

  • dear Ryan, congratulations. you are getting better as an entertainer worried about some biker wanting to kill you? point out they insist on the right to customize and it is un- American to preach discrimination if you want some cred with bikers google B17 Hells angels yes the fought and many died for our freedom. motorcycles helped rthe horrific PTSD the survivors came back with keep up the good work

  • What was used to remove the 'give you problems' sticker at 1:47?

    • "What was once counter cultural has been around long enough to become cliche" Harley Davidsons problem in a nutshell....Ryan nailed it!

  • Would take a hell of a Godmother to change that in a YPVS 350 ?

  • That faring looked like Iron Man's chest shield while being painted!

  • Ryan is the hero we don't deserve. I can't be any more thankful that I came across the FortNine channel when I got back in the saddle. One of the best vids to date!

  • the irony of a 2nd amendment sticker in canada is funny. Wouldn't some freedom be nice right about now?

    • This is why I effing love this channel so intuitive, so real and raw and no BS ness about it. pure genius!and this is me talking as an old British salt fish!!

  • Love that seat but that brown color does not work with the red…😬

  • That intro had me rolling 😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Has anyone tried cheapo bar end indictors? $150 for each side of those Kuryakyns are a little hard to swallow LOL

  • Not a big fan of the under-bar mirrors

  • The sissy bar (crash bar / engine guard) is the only thing I didn't remove off my bike. It has highway pegs on it. Actually came in hand when my right foot peg sheered the two bolts holding it in place. I looked like a goof but got home.

  • After watching this video I can only guess you guys up north die your bush ?

  • F9, great job! but the mirrors look a lot less functional and you need good mirrors on a bike. As always, form follows function in good design.

  • WOW. Tastefull upgrade, that does a worlds difference. Now I want a Harley.

  • Personally, I hate em both. Great video with lots of info. I love it! Ride on!

    • "Remember why we salivate over concept bikes, only to vacillate over the production models?" chef's kiss what writing.

  • I removed my crash bars a few weeks ago on my 2004 FXSTD, correcting that mistake before seeing this. Removed my seat back rest. Simplify the ride, it looks better.

  • Cool Video. Do you use SC1 also on engine and exhaust?

  • South Park hit the nail on the head and drove it home clean in a single stroke.

  • I love this channel even I don't have a nice motorcycle.. sounds sad 😔 but it's okay I just enjoy riding... Keep safe and ride safe always ☺️

  • My only disagreement is that I like buckhorn handlebars. I can sit up straighter with them. I guess I have short arms...:) I also LOVE the last line. I am certain most people didn't get it.

    • "You wouldn't dye your hair red and your bush black" (3:45) The comedy comes to fast and subtly in this channel, love that Ryan talks up and not down to his viewers.

  • Wow you really made that bike look unique with those simple transformations. Yes sure someone may say "you ruined it" but its your bike with your style. and they can ruin there bike anyway they want to also! Good job Ryan!

    • I doubt anyone worth listening to would say that XD

  • tighter like tokyo apartment. Comedy Gold

  • Harley, are you listening? If you don't recruit this guy and put him in charge of brand development, you're stupid.

  • "But like México, i'd Rather not pay for it" That's it. That Phrase just made my decade.

  • Does anyone know where he got that attachment for the drill to remove the sticker

  • Thats the bike I want, they tend to have more flames too

  • That ending was dope. 7:07

  • Wtf is up with the skulls and the cruiser crowd?

  • This mod looks a little similar to Jax Teller's Dyna

    • Thank you, Ryan and everyone at FortNine, for paying some attention to the cruiser segment. I know you folks love your dirt trails like the 'zilla guys love their track, and that's all cool - there's room out there for all of us. However, there's lots of guys and gals out there who still prefer paved road at speeds less than 150. Thanks for giving us something to watch once in a while.

  • As an American who loves all bikes foreign and domestic, I have to say two things. A) Holy crap thank you. As an American it makes me happy to see that people are still finding ways to enjoy our bikes even if the way we make them is so stuck in the past and unyielding to change. You did this bike a service and I hope you enjoy it for many years to come. B) Harley is beginning to disappoint me. With Motus and Arch being elite brands and Indian only really making ground across the board, it saddens me to see the bulk of the American motorcycle industry dying because boomers won’t admit that neither they nor their tastes are no longer cool. Yet they continue to pander to themselves, the generation that’s beginning to fade, and there’s no greater evidence to this than the fact that their leading model is a trike so older people can still ride like it’s 1980. I just hope it’s not the death of our relevance as motorcycle makers.

  • Peeling the stickers off the tank and writing Massey Ferguson on it wouldn't cost much.

  • This bike is for sale right now on craigslist.

  • It's perfect. Beautiful Dyna. Good job!!!!

  • 👌

  • Or you could spend the cash on better suspension ie shocks, progressive springs, heavier fork oil and fork clamp. Set your sag and Bobs your aunties live in lover ...... a better handling and safer HD. Great vid' either way.

  • This man’s videos are brilliant - Never ceases to disappoint. This guy can make you love a Harley in one video and hate it in the next. And I own one 🤣

  • I’m pretty sure that you can remove that visor on the headlight

  • Add deceptacon sticker. Got it

  • The 6th essential mod: 2-into-1 Exhaust.

  • Sorry, Ryan those bars are horrific.

    • That step up seat really shines when you pop the clutch and get up on the back tire.