Why Electric Motorcycles are Failing

Publisert 12. juni. 2021
It's 2021 and EVs are everywhere - Teslas, e-bicycles, e-scooters, etc. But seeing an electric motorbike in the wild is still rare. Why is the motorcycle industry failing to electrify successfully?

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  • Been thinking about this some more. I see two reasons why E motorcycles are catching on. In the city they are fine - but they are competing against cheaper (and license free) e-bikes. All my buddies that ride have far more range than any E Motorcycle and can gas up quicker for their road trips. So again my previous comment of more battery, and add a built in fast charging port that works with the one of the standard E-Vehicle charging stations. Now you have an e-motorcycle with some range and a quicker charge up so they can be used for trips other than the grociery store.

  • I love this channel. Even if my poor English makes me let some of the comments aside, it's very pertinent, and fun to watch.

  • Nice 👍

  • you just wish and hope they're failing because you probably have a conservative mindset. Wheras the reality is that EV bikes are the future whether you like it or not. This is just the beginning but it's working, and in another 7 or 8 years when the Japanese manufacturers finally smell tje profit, combustion bikes (and cars) will be consigned to the past

  • They're not, you're wrong - nowine.info/loft/eqqnjabdpZispmE/video

  • Half of the fun of riding a motorcycle is the gas powered engine. Petrol heads don’t want electric vehicles. People who only care about commuting and greenies want EVs.

  • but electric bicycle is booming in my country..no need for a driver's license

  • I’m surprised you did not mention Energica.

  • velomobile from the bike world would contribute greatly, they are fast enough on human power, even better if electric

  • Stupid video,totally false. Why lie?

  • Well-Done, You'll probably like this: What Demographics Can Tell Us About the Future of U.S. Politics (Japanese motorcycle's decline starts at 23:00) nowine.info/loft/jGh-nXKvk7mRbKA/video Yeaps, demographics is the crux of all world history: Population pyramids: Powerful predictors of the future - Kim Preshoff nowine.info/loft/i4GkhJ--q7uKqHY/video

  • I clicked link in video info to the conversion kit but can't actually find the one he used. Can anyone help me with this?

  • 50 kph. Dame thats really just a moped. And if i wanna drive a moped i drive an old Puch bc those fuckers are Vintage and look cool af

  • Battery is small... like a timbit... unsure how much of North America even knows what that means :)

  • Energica! Not failing, DC fast charging. Back on the road in minutes....

  • That is one ugly e-bike

  • Electric motorcycles are not failing. It will take some time, the batteries and performance will get better. But right now, there are motorcycles that can go up to 300 km's in distance, and have 200 horsepower. People just need to know more about them, and what they can actually do. Also, nowine.info/loft/eqqnjabdpZispmE/video

  • You've been called out! nowine.info/loft/eqqnjabdpZispmE/video

    • This is one of the smartest videos I've probably ever seen. Engineering, market analysis and a business case all packaged in not even 9 minutes of a video. I'm seriously impressed, hats off.

  • Nice vid dude.

  • This is how you make a video on the Sondors Metacycle without using the words "Sondors" or "Metacycle."

  • But I wanna go on the freeway and look cool

  • As someone who also rides a commuter e-motorcycle (TC Max from Super Soco) I 100% agree with this video. It's basically the same reason why people don't want to buy eCars. Mostly it's the range that they'll probably never need. They always say "But if I wanna have a long tour than I can't [...]" Well then use the train or rent a car that has the range... Great video!

    • True. I keep thinking about the range on zero s but, literally only need more than that when I'm traveling that I only do rarely.

  • Thailand builds quality motorscooters for the global market. Over 280k motorbikes per month. Ducati, KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzook all have major factories. Amazing local supply chains. Why do you think Harley opened a presence in Thailand? How about a vdo on Thai Supply chains, Eastern Seaboard Region?Start in Rayong.

  • my 2009 Kawasaki DTrackerX 250cc is stuck in Thailand. Can I ride north to Siberia, cross over to Alaska and down to the Lower 48? please advise...

  • This guy is a natural at presentation

  • Best editing I've ever seen on youtube

  • I’m amazed Honda hasn’t released an electric super cub yet

  • My assumption the reason why many manufacturers are going for an imaginary market is the belief that there is a retired philosophy professor that sees motorcycling similar to how hipsters and millenials see cafe racers. He'll buy the bike in some faux attempt to be eco friendly and act holier-than-thou to his peers or to simply attempt to try and look different. Again, I doubt my theory there is correct. But probably the reason they focus on these high-performance machines and not a cheap bike to put around is that. Why buy an E-Motorcycle when you can simply have an E-bike? Even still, if manufacturers created the fabled consumer friendly EMC (E-motorcycle. I'm going to shorten it to EMC because screw typing that out) what do we get? An impersonable vehicle, in their attempt to look "futuristic" they design the EMC in such a way that, while eye catching, can also be revolting as it throws away the design that people have enjoyed for years, again, not every EMC is like this, but quite a few that try to be "different" in an attempt to look sci-fi only to look like a dystopian nightmare. This is not even forgetting the one thing among bikes. ICE bikes will run for 40 years and more. Sure you can herald the simplicity and lack of maintanence needed for an EMC, but once that motor dies, or the battery dies, you're going to have to cough probably a decent chunk of change for the battery and motor your EMC uses. This is not forgetting how Electric vehicles are treated like cellphones, in which the company will try to have as much control over the vehicle as possible, for your "safety" of course. And finally: Sentimentality. Almost everyone at one point is going to wrench on their motorcycle to a degree. Swapping exhaust slip-ons. New seats, new air filters. Possibly a different tank, or even custom fabricated parts for their specific purpose. This gives a fundamental connection of your vehicle. That eureka moment when you realized what was causing that ticking in the engine, or when you flashed a new tune to ink out some more horsepower, or when you watched the fruits of your labor bringing an old barn yard machine back to life as the exhaust puffs out smoke the first time in 50 years. The feeling of accomplishment, pride, and the dopamine rush that you made your bike _yours._ Even if you sold the thing, the bike could very well last for a plethora of years due to the collective care of their owners, and for us-that humanizes what would be an otherwise cold and mechanical machine. We look to a well-cared for classic motorcycle with adoration. What adventures it had over the years, what those headlights have illuminated. At the same time, we can look at an old beater covered in scuffs, and we can practically read a story of what that motorcycle went through. But when it comes to an EMC: Sterile, cold and uncaring. Just give it to your dealer and let _them_ deal with the problems. You got to drink your soy milk frappucino at your local college starbucks and recite rhetoric about how you are saving the environment while stuffing your now empty cup into the garbage surely they'll recycle this. . .. ... Right?

  • I think electric bikes are way to pricey but go ahead ?????????

  • The e-MC is a huge success but its called the e-Bike or e-Scooter. Applying the same engineering and marketing ideas of e-Cars to e-MC simply does not work. I don't have the answers either. But I could yet see an augmented, small displacement ICE hybrid-MC that uses batteries and super-capacitors. For instance, a 300cc, 4 cylinder. Its not a true E thing. But it still has a clutch (important to me), a shifter and the rumbling sound of an ICE. In the city it would have several km of E-riding. It would have the needed range and top speed on the open road and yet accelerate like a 900. It might also need to be...2WD!

  • "Hardware, spyware, all in."

  • They fail for one simple reason: They don't roar.

  • My thing is I just dont trust them. You dont get a true feel for output like you do a combustion motor. I bought a Lectric 2.0 ebike. Its max speed is 28mph. That's about as fast as I'm comfortable with using electric.

  • Lets go Brandon!

  • 6:31 whats the use of the switchgear? why would you need it on a motorcycle? does it act as ignition? if so, how would you put the key? won't it make it vulnerable to theft if there's only switchgear?

  • Id really like to see that with a larger or second battery and another motor up front. That would be really cool to see, then you could use it like an enduro and take it trail riding off road.

  • Or a super cub E

  • Electric bikes and emotos are still waaay too fun to give up. m.nowine.info/loft/sol7movVodCxo6Q/video

  • E - bike 📈👍 E - moto📉👎

  • In India - both are booming. Objectives vary with different KPIs

  • If you on your electric motorcycle pass me on my Harley don’t bother waving. ✌🏼👍🏼🇺🇸

  • Man made climate change is a farce.

    • I was wondering what happened to the Harley Davidson live wire, now I know. It was a pretty cool idea, but in practice it just didn’t work so well.

  • Their batteries don't last long and being noiseless for a motorbike is dangerous, cars drivers don't notice when you are about to overtake unkess you bip at them.

  • In the Netherlands electric motorcycles only go 70km/h on A1 licence

  • I had 24k Freedom Miles on my Zero SR before COVID, but still today I get people shocked at seeing an electric motorcycle

  • They are pretty popular in China though, and all my friends use E-BIKE to commute

  • Great quality content keep it up, I've subscribed. :)

    • This is one of the smartest videos I've probably ever seen. Engineering, market analysis and a business case all packaged in not even 9 minutes of a video. I'm seriously impressed, hats off.

  • I would love to own an electric enduro or cross bike!

  • Spot on!!!

  • Why they're failing: bikes are meant to be cheap. Nobody wants to spend 20k on an electric bike. Just saved you 8 minutes.

  • what a dumb video and channel.

  • If no one sells it makes a business out of it. Since the "professionals" don't know what to sell sell it yourself

  • This is just like anything else that involves big money. They will have to push their way into the main stream. Expect to be blocked at every turn. Lucky an electric bike blows away a non-electric bike. It's shouldn't be to hard to make them look silly at the track. Electric bikes are being presented as soft fluffy money saving things. They should be presented as the unreal torque and power bikes they can be/are.

  • I don't want a sporty, racing, dirt bike electric motorcycle. Build a practical, SAFE, intuitive city motorcycle and I'll be buying it.

  • Maybe cause they sound so boring? Vast majority of bikers in the west buy these machines for fun, as a secondary vehicle. City commuting will probably be more interesting for Asian markets (it’s growing rapidly in India), however costs mean it will take time until it becomes affordable.

  • As a new employee of zero motorcycles I still think once the Japanese manufacturers decide to go Electric they will surpass us within a year

  • To be clear; Elon is paying engineers to solve problems.....

  • I honestly thought the majority of the issue lied with regulations. Most states have very weird and non-specific regulations when it comes to electric motorcycles. Even just googling your states laws on electric motorcycles instead brings up information about e-bikes. I’d imagine that’s enough to shoo off potential interested parties.

  • how about. front wheel are bateries and back wheel still use gasoline. so the hybrid give a stonk. and to reduce front wheel speed use generator that can charge . so its very effectife loss energy but safety

  • Because Elon musk didn't step in

  • The Debbie Downer kind of video that all cynical, climate-change denying forever-slaves to ICE's and choking out the environment and the air they breathe will love! Good job, FortNine!

  • Has anyone looked at gogoro's model in Taiwan? Over 2000 Battery swap stations for their bikes (and other manufacturer bikes that will adopt its battery swap standard) . They're everywhere. And they own 97% of the scooter market.

  • its so boring to have to skirt under a license restricted limit, power is fun and easy to get with EVs. yeah, it means adoption is way easier, but i think theres an untapped middle ground, a fast EMC that maybe costs $5k, can accelerate as fast as however much weight you have to keep the front wheel down, maybe doesn't have the range but doesn't weigh much more than your idea. cornering and zipping around town, more glamorous than a bicycle with a forklift motor, to go out just far enough to go riding in the mountains and back, meeting with friends, and have daring fun on the way.

  • E-bikes are failing because they’re silent. I have no data to back this up except for how happy my loud ass Harley makes me.

  • TLDR for companies: Bitch I aint got no money

  • This is funny as hell, really well-written and delivered, with a cool looking bike at the end! I'd commute on that any day. I love this channel. Stay safe and ride safe guys.

  • practical yes durable yes feature yes lightweight yes easy treatment hell yes its all going into the "nope" because : "cheap e-vehicle",long trip,ur poor,ur speedholic and also ur is a anti-tech enthusiast. such a nightmare if you lost in the wild with a dead battery of your e-vehicle.

  • Come to India. Whatch how OLA is growing..😋😋😎😎

  • i am waiting an electric SuperMotard :(

  • I want one

    • I got this Yamaha moped with a bust engine so I'm converting it to electric A fun and frustrating project so far

  • Hybrid? You've got room in there for a gas generator.

  • On the other hand, why bother when one can just buy e-bike for less with roughly same characteristics PLUS pedals "just in case, you know" AND presumably less weight and dimensions for carrying it around if needed. For city use it would be much better... Of course, having a "normal speed" motorcycle can help you on close intercity trips(minding you don't have any train/bus routes where you can just take ya thing onboard), but anyone with certain knowledge in electricity can kinda "overclock" any bike(or even kick scooter) to run up to 80km/h(4/-50 mph sorry don't know your magic numbers)! Therefore why bother on a cheapside competition with e-bikes?

  • Poor range and boring

  • I mean, I'm just saying... Most motorcycle riders never actually get their full license. Just renew your permit every year or so. Even then, most police will just take your normal license.

  • How far do people really go on motorcycles?

  • Keep it simple;)

  • Just make your point ,after 5min of watching still not seen where it was going

  • Exactly. I'm not a motorcycle guy, but would be interested in an electric one for commuting. Has to look cool and futuristic, go about 100kph (really no more needed) and maybe 80-100kms of range. Sell it for under 10k bucks and you'll have a best seller for urban environments

  • This is the problem. Westerners won’t save any slaves, they enjoy the stuff the slaves build and blame them for being slaves in the meantime.

  • Really bro, 2 full length advertisements?....

  • I believe they would sell a ton more if the electric bikes did not cost so much. A 25k electric bike is terribly overpriced, when I can get a 5k gas one. All the 2 wheel EV things have always been way overcharged like that I can pay 15k for a really fast electric bicycle or a 10k for a new EV motorcycle that has way more power, quality, and like 3x the range. Its not that people don't WANT them, its mostly that we cant afford them.

  • only the sound problem is a defenetly no go for an electric bike i dont even want a new bike everything that has euro 4 or more is out for me

  • Hub motor never chain drive, Rebuild tank out of card board and fiberglass (you can make it look like the stock tank with basic craft tools, and spray paint) add a mailbox lock and a door... controller goes in there.. also room for a glove box and a hidden on switch .. even though when it gets stolen they just pick it up and toss it in a truck get a GPS tracker.. EVERYONE WANTS TO STEAL YOUR BIKE...😎

  • Pssst. I have an electric motorcycle, but it looks like an E bike Cuz it is free, and cops do not care as long as I don't ride like an a$$, oh and the "secret" is a hub motor leaves room for second battery pack.. ya gotta build your own. My bike is 10kw 82v 100ah .about 3000 bucks in parts, (for this one I'm addicted I keep building them). nice job on this vid man..

  • E-motorcycles may not be doing well but E-bikes are thriving.

  • Gr8 video, U could got 2 or 3 batteries mate

  • he's like a young and up-and-coming Jeremy Clarkson

  • Saw an electric bike that was performing well above anything gas... The only limitation I see is range but that will change.... Internal combustion is antiquated in anything land and one day air too...

  • 0:36 they get up and beat him up

  • We need the akira bike. Dual electric motors on the front and back. one for highway efficiency and one for city. lmfao

  • Half of the fun of a high speed motorcycle is the sound .

  • Imagine driving electric motorcycle.

  • Cause they don't sound as good as CBR or Yamaha

  • Electric cars: More cargo space for trips Way more power for way cheaper. Safer. Electric motorcycles: It doesn't make them safer They're already powerful with cheap mileage You don't get more cargo space.

  • 5:55 "Hardware... Spyware... All in" I laughed my absolute FŪCKING ass off, that was good xDDD

    • This is why for now, a diy ebike is the way to go. I have an internally geared rear hub on mine, it's awesome.

  • The presentation style feels so much like old top gear, I love it!

    • nowine.info/loft/pomEsoaddrWRoII/video “Since we are dealing directly with the factory, the children offered to build.....” lol.

  • EV Moter cycles are failing and will never be successful because they are just electric mopeds that looks like motorcycle at the end of the day . Which doesn’t make any sense at all . Motorcycles are motorcycles because of that gearbox clutch rev matching engine braking and mechanical feel everything that it offers

  • After this and the video about tires I'm in!! Keep up the good work

  • E bikes are GAY

  • production 1st class, entertainment 1st class. Info 1st class.... You should start a TV show - Top Gear Motorcycles