The Smallest Adventure - KTM 390 Adventure Review

Publisert 27. sep.. 2020
Small bike. Big deal. Is it the first truly capable small ADV? Or just another half-hearted effort, carefully designed not to offend bigger siblings? [Details below]

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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar


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  • good stuff

  • I don't care what he says, I'm buying one!

  • Ryan is just too tall for most of us to take his word on ergonomics I think.

  • fortnite

  • 7:16 Today no free Tacos, tomorrow yes! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Oscar level Review 👍

  • Have been really wanting a CRF 300 Rally 2021 for 80 road and 20 trail and maybe some tech trail on that 20 . Then came across this bike. I was really torn between which. Even in the prelude of your video I was thinking f.....k maybe I should get this even though the muffler is stupid low. and seat is a street bike... Then you save the best for last and I am back to the crf rally! Wish you would do a Honda crf rally video! Thanks again!!!

  • You don't even use your own voice and then you use all sarcasm on Indian manufacturer. Pathetic!

  • Still one of your best mate 👊

  • Best KTM Ads ever!

  • Thanks alot i got my answer If you we're not on the internet i would go for a really terrible ride Thanks alot I'll surely be going to buy himalyan now better eargonomics better handling Better off-roader with a less maintenance 🌍❤️🌈🔥 full power

  • Great f****** video! Keep up the good work one needs popcorn and beverages to compliment your educational entertainment...

  • I'll prepare to live in the road a full 12... Minutes xD Good one :D

  • These bikes are SOLD OUT for months. Good luck finding one.

  • Still a great take on this bike.. I am wondering if KTM will take heed and make changes to a cool little bike.

  • Simply the best! Thanks!!

  • Production quality top notch but from a review perspective don't think you covered enough.

  • How is 390cc a small bike ? It can get to 100 kmh in about 8 sec. Yes small compered to those useless 1000 cc bikes but still powerful enough and convenient which the 1000 cc bikes miss upon

    • In western countries they are considered small, here in Asia it’s a big deal😂

  • Jeez man, your cinematography is so amazing. I think you missed your calling in life! Shoulda been a director or something.

  • Wow what a bike reveal. Alien level. 🔥🔥

  • Dang good reviews! I appreciate the honest coverage of flaws as well as strong points Can we get a track lists for your videos as well? I really like the music you guys use sometimes.

  • guy watches too much top gear

  • There is a duke 250 adventure too so this isn't technically the smallest

  • Thanks for saving me from a poor purchase

  • the end of that intro though

  • Every single one of your videos is better than the last, your production value is off the charts, whoever is filming and compiling everything is an absolute legend.

  • Duke 390 with adv plastic 😆😅

  • You guys are getting adjustable suspension 😐

  • "The parking lot of DEATH..!" F*en hilarious 😄

  • Why this above the duke for 1000 buck more? Weather protection, leg angle, better suspension on bad roads, larger fuel tank, better headlight, better windscreen, larger seat, better two-up, room for navigation, better for bigger riders, looks better (subjective offcourse), more luggage options, better dashboard with more options. This all is worth WAY more than 1000 bucks for me.

  • I'd pay for content like this

  • I had the Husky 401. Couldn’t stand how slow it was. Sold it within a couple on months.

  • I'll stick with my 07' DRZ400e but man I absolutely love Ryan's videos from the cinematography to the science and especially the wit and humor.

  • Roundabouts=road with all corners!!

  • I would say the smallest adventure bike would be a yamaha tw200.. but only after i saw your amazing video on it

  • Recap: Just get the Duke

  • "We have like, a million of those things." lol

  • I find myself easily roaming about this channel .. Did I say EASILY? on this rainy day :)

  • that thing looks sick

  • Best detailed video ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Did I just watch a movie?! The production value is UP there 🤭

  • It’s an ugly bike

  • This video is a satire to the small adventure nature of the bike. Like it’s playground will realistically be around urban settings. But it might just fill a void for those looking to have a bit of ground clearance, knobby tires and an elite European brand with a affordable product.

  • Is it just a coincidence that you got a plat in front of Northshore Tire?

  • Hah. Love it. Glad I got the duke xD (which is preeeeetty close to offroad ready)

  • Beautiful production, pity about the bike though.

  • The dock song: "The more I see it" by AGAT

  • These bikes are constantly sold out!

  • This man is swapping between macro and micro footage faster than a stripper swaps underwear. Bike jumps, cut to 20mm close-up of shock absorbers compressing, cut back to jump. Magnificent cinematography. I havent seen any motor program on TV, ever, with this level of quality. This is why TV has been dead for the past 15 years.

  • Hahaha.....

  • Honda crf300l/rally review?

  • Dont know about KTM but you should skydio instead of dji

  • Your videos are in such a different league it’s incredible. Totally enjoy each of them

  • This might be your best video and there are so many great ones!

  • I felt so proud as soon as I heard Made in 🇮🇳 INDIA😎😎❤

  • If only royal Enfield lend you guys the himalayan so that we can get an honest review

  • The track at 3:10...please help... Stuck in my head!

  • I am never disappointed watching FortNine vids. Another fantastic production.

  • Really?? This bike has more features, better tires, and is more versatile then the Duke(?) You prefer the Duke? I bought a 21 390 Duke, love it, but find myself wanting to turn it into an ADV or "Mountain Bike" if you will. I'm shocked, watching the video I was doubting my choice... The Old Dukes were way more enduro.

  • Which is stronger? Our love for Ryan or our envy of his job and life?

  • U should join hollywood

  • Ah KTM.. the widow maker.

  • I drove one, it's slow.

  • would love to hear about #re #himalayan !!

  • This is extreme quality guys wow! I’m subscribing already from introduction 😂🙏🏾🏅🧎🏿‍♂️

  • Awesome video. I ride KTM 525EXC, Adventure 1190S and 390 Adventure which I quickly changed the pegs, slip-on exhaust, bar-risers and quickshift. It's a blast to just take off on and have a good time. Surprisingly good performance and an "everything bike". 5'9'' Been riding and racing for 51 years and it is fun to have a bike that reliable, fun and does well smoking up fire roads, canyon carving and single track. Agree to disagree! HA! Ride on!

  • 7.23 comes the funny video guy 👌

  • .47 😂😂😂😂🤭

  • Do the Royal enfield himalayan next

  • hey F9, please review BMW G310GS in the same Style

  • Looks like your major complaint is the foot pegs which can be changed for 200$, This is not something major. Furthermore, this is not a dual sport and people should use it to go on light trails. My major complaint would have been the ground clearance which is a bit low. Nevertheless, this is far better than Duke to go on a trail. When you live in Asia, you need a bike which can handle well holes and rocky trails but not ride on stiff slopes. KTM seems to fill that need with this ADV. Are you sure you are not a bit too definitive in your statement ?

  • Can you fix it by switching the pegs? Like the bike a lot

  • More grip than ballss jahahaah

  • For anyone who hasn’t seen this bike up close and personal, this video really brings into perspective how freaking tall Ryan is. This is by far the biggest motorcycle under 650cc I’ve ever seen. Looks like a proper adv in person. Its bigger than the cb500x even

  • He had us in the first have not gonna lie

  • Did ktm joined the chat?

  • A shout-out to Jerry Rig Everything I see. Ryan and team are the best

  • We need more 400cc motorcycles to choose from.

  • This video is so fucking fun and well put together. Bravo!

  • Ah yes, Authentic Canadian cuisine. I'm fucking dead.

  • woh, I didnt expect that verdict. I was second guessing myself until the end. Yikes. BUT Id still take KTM's throttle over Honda's every day of the week. HONDA wake up your throttle control suuuuuuuuuuucks

  • What a video, nice!

  • "Minus will get the 390 duke for a thousand dollars less." Or a used DR or KLR for half of that, because we all know those things wont break.

  • Another great honest review. Thank you

  • Why not put the sole of your foot at the edge of the footrest? Treat it like a bar.

  • Why did it take me so long to find this channel?? Amazing!

  • So ridiculous 😂 good stuff man

  • i love my 390 and i scored a great deal on a brand new one for 5500usd

  • In India we have the 250 adventure 😂

  • Hi, i want to ask if its ok to use few of this video shots on my chnnel. I just want to credit this video cause i always like motorcycles sportsbike to be exact but after watchis. Made me use all my money to buy my first sportsbike. Its small yamaha r15 but its the best sportsbike cause its what i got.

  • Wow don’t recommend it then? I’m confused.

  • This is a grownup motorcycle version of Rugrats


  • After all this drama you better get Poutine!

  • Please please make a video on the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

  • He sounds like the type of guy to narrate in an animal documentary

  • spoiler alert: ending was unexpected

  • authentic Canadian cuisine? haha

  • You guys are too much fun to watch! All of the staff is genius

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