The Weird Motorcycle Designed like a Car

Publisert 13. des.. 2020
What happens when you tell a bunch of car designers to go build a motorcycle? Well, this. The Honda PC800 Pacific Coast. Overlooked genius or just another Failblog entry?


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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • I love Honda for its reliability, period!

  • the bad cop mustache is always funny LOL

  • Early 90s Japan was the absolute peek of transportation technology.

  • Missing anish

  • survey honda nm4 if can of find

  • Hero MotoCorp is the largest manufacturer 🥶

  • Ngl, NM4 and DN-01 are some damn good looking bikes.

  • I wanted one of these over a decade ago but everyone was like that's lame. People often hate things that are against their best interest.

  • Good job bro that's always fantastic content

  • Half way in... "wait this is 4:3" nice!

  • Honda helix

  • Being able to have a fishbowl at the rear of your bike is what every motorcyclist ever wanted!

  • So, was this motorcycle the precursor to Honda’s Goldwing?

  • I have never seen as many of them as in the Netherlands. Somehow the Dutch seem to like the PC 800 with a hitch and a trailer.

  • As an ebike rider... I want one. That looks amazing.

  • You can't get more of an 80's design

  • soo big

  • Almost got one of these, a bit sad really

  • 1 car 1driver 🍌

  • That intro is so much like Street Hawk intro!!

  • The Pacific Coast trailer is 100% Bladerunner as hell vibes lol

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • This monstrosity isn't a motorcycle, it's a bloated scooter. Think Vespa.

  • This Honda is ugly.

  • Every single video of Ryan's feels like a cinematic documentary. Amazing!

  • Sorry, I had to pause the video after he said, "...blank as a teenager's search history." I couldn't concentrate on the content for the chuckles.

  • You're a weird motorcycle designed like a car.

  • I remember those things. They looked just like a big scooter.

  • Is that “Never ending Story” background music in there also? Riding that beast kind of reminds me of Falkor also haha

  • One of my work mates has one, he owned all sort of bikes, he only kept one, this one. He said, this a bike enough good to be fun, with good qualities in every street, every speeds and capable of carrying. And old diamond he said.

  • If I was to move from my car to a bike, it would be a Can-Am Spyder RT Ltd, as that has 3 wheels and is far speedier than what you are showing and yes I have driven Honda's before (Cars that is) not bikes.

  • This is a classic. At the time it was sold I couldn't afford it.

  • Good for Honda trying something new, but I guess they have the financial resources for it. Ryan, how about some reviews of scooters like the Honda PCX. Much overlooked segment of the two wheeled community.

  • The quality of your videos is always improving! Keep up the amazing work and team.

  • “Wheelbase of yacht” you know how yachts are famous for that

  • NC 750, 😊😀

  • I remember seeing one of these in person. It was a beautiful bike.

  • I'm getting some serious Kung Fury vibes

  • This is the least cool bike ever but it’s kind of a cool car

  • Spotted one of these in the wild yesterday. Pretty hard loved, but still rolling.

  • I have one of these, in blue, rotting in my yard, i am hopeless to make it run again.

  • Background song is called Neon Raceway.

  • I don't ride and love these videos, hard to convince others how good they are

  • Ah the "Milk Toast Pacific Coast"!

  • They would try again , and it’s the pcx

  • Dude. Excellent production on this video. From the filters to the lighting, you guys nailed that early 90s feel. Great f-ing job 👏

  • One of the best bikes I’ve ever owned enough room to tour and handles the twisty roads ,comfort

  • That Street Hawk intro :D Clever use of the Never Ending Story music.

  • The production value/ content of your videos is unmatched. My favorite 2wheel info page for sure. Keep it up!!

  • Never rode one. Always reminded me of a Ford Taurus with it's spectacular styling. Like a 6 year old male a motorcycle out of Playdough. I'm sure they work just fine. Of course "just fine" doesn't sell bikes.

  • I have a PC 800 for sale 3,000 47,000miles In great condition Great 👍 Bike Pm me

  • NGL, i kinda like it! It kind of checks a lot of the boxes i have for a whatever the hell that thing is. To be fair i only just made the check list and there isn't anything specific on it. But i like it! Looks like a police bike..

  • So this video shows us that most people of scared of motorcycles; who knew...

  • 3,000

  • I have a Red one 4-sale 1997 It’s in great condition 47,000 miles

  • Excellent video my guy! Those PCX's are a blast from the past! I love 'em. I just picked up a new to me '82 GL1100 and I've been going through a lot of your content and am enjoying it so far very much! Much love from the BC Interior, see you out there some day! 2-down and Ride Safe!!

  • Please do a video about the Honda cub.

  • can you stop talking Acura as a manufacturer, ..... its a rebadged HONDA!!!!!

  • Honda NM4 Vultus, or known as Batman Bike for some, is acutally one of my dream bikes. A hybrid combination of a sportbike, a cruiser, and a maxi scooter. Radical design. The option drive it either in manual or autimatic transmission. The list goes on. It's just sad that it was never made available here in the Philippines. Plus looking at the price of it, even if it becomes available here in my country, there's no way in hell I'd be able to pay for it

  • The presentation is top gear quality. I love it.

  • Finally, gay guys have their own motorcycle...................................

  • 5:20 isn't this a Kawasaki invention? I heard a rumor Kawasaki might bring this back again sometime in the future

  • This is Topper from Hot Shots right?

  • F9 editing is higher tier than most shows on tv

  • Hang on.... I knew that backend looked familiar, I had a scale model of this bike as a kid lmao.

  • Interesting bike! I've just put a deposit down on a DN-01 and its a barge of a bike, but it's very 'civilised' as you say and buttery smooth to drive.

  • What a great review, and a cool bike, it shares allot of parts with the st1100, same fork/calipers/cardan drive, prohably allot more


  • I remember when that thing came out, I think the only one I ever saw was a a bike show!

  • my dad had one of these in the 90s and i grew up riding around on the back haha. great times

  • I actually like the Pacific Coast. If for no other reason that it's weird and different.

  • Hi F9! Would you do a review about the Honda ADV150 scooter?

  • It looks too much like yamaha n-max.....

  • Looks like a Honda Pacific Coast. Beautiful.

  • Im glad honda never gives up on these. Although i just never can decide to go ham when theres cheap things i can maintain

  • I once owned a 90 Pacific Coast. Very underrated bike. Did it all! Touring Commuting Shopping And despite its non traditional look THE most efficient storage system I’ve ever seen on a bike! I was even able to pop the trunk open., lift it., and allow my buddy access to get/store what he wanted and never get off the bike! Can use as a cooler with ice for drinks and perishables. Someone slashed your leather saddle bags and made off with your designer jeans???? Most ppl didn’t even know the PC HAD a storage system let alone how to easily get into it. The gas tank and battery was low in the frame under the seat. This gave it agility that defied its weight. The Vtwin low end grunt making parking lot maneuvers easy. Big comfy seat could go for miles! Those outboard grey panels sticking out from behind the passenger foot leg and lower front fairing hide tip over guards. That and break away mirrors reduce any damage from a parking lot spill to almost nothing. They actually work! The panels themselves are repaint able or replaceable. Maintenance free?? Change the oil and filters and keep the coolant leveled up and your tool kit will grow cobwebs. My riding buds would mock jealousy because my PC with its optional AM/FM radio., candy apple red color scheme, comfy seat and safe storage for their pocketbooks would attract all the ladies lol.


  • This thing looks like you're about to throw down in Neo Tokyo

  • Lane-filtering in a bike that size is suicidal

  • in my opinion people who want to ride motorcycles want that connected feel (coming from a state where you cant ride 8 months out of the year) if you take all of the connectivity and feed back out of a bike then you might as well buy a car. for most of the united states and even Canada two wheels are seen as pleasure vehicles so most riders want that rough and free feeling

  • Lol, you gringos will never know how it feels like to live in. A motorcycle infested country

  • Honda wanted to make the motorcycle version of their popular Helix scooter. It didnt work.

  • the most giveaway is the pricepoint. if it cost as much as a car but can only carry 2 person. most people will opt a car

  • I had it from 1999 to 2014. Then I sold it to a delighted buyer (because it has become a very scare machine here in Germany). It got too heavy for my advanced age > 70 (purchased a Daelim Roadwin, half weight, half speed, which I love). A wonderful motorcycle. Never had a problem with it, during 80.000 kilometers. Suspension like a car, and on full acceleration the air burned :) .

  • great video, it's not hard to see where Honda got their styling cues from for the ST1100

  • lol - I'd like to see em get wife n 2 kids on a bike with rider

  • I think that if they brought back an updated version of this motorcycle today, it would sell like hotcakes. But they would be well off to lose the PC moniker, as most people are sick and tired of PC culture.

  • Wish they still made them. My 89 went 137k before alternator/stator issues just torpedoed it. Parts too hard to get and replace.

  • I think I may be the only person in the UK that genuinely loves the NM4 Vultus.

  • First time I saw a Pacific Coast, I was really confused- it looked just like my 2000 ST1100, except the tail end looked like...a scooter? If Honda had kept making them, one would have been the perfect bike for my aunt when she started riding. Alas, they didn't, so she ended up on a CTX1300. Another great bike which is now discontinued. So is the ST, and the VFR, and many more really great designs. Honda's strategy is pretty much the polar opposite of Harley's: they make completely different, totally innovative motorcycle models...for a relatively short period of time, then give up on them.

  • Ahhhhh the old PC800. Most think PC stood for Pacific Coast, it actually stands for Plastic Cycle, it’s ridiculous, but hey it’s still a Honda. #NoWingNoPrayer it’s a great commuter bike, but like a fat chick, it may be fun to “ride”, but you didn’t want anyone seeing you doing it. Killing it with this channel. I own a lot of vintage Honda’s, two of which are a ‘62 Super Cub and the 1982 version.

  • Plastic Coast.

  • 'Blank as a teenagers search history' comedy gold

  • All it needs is a steering wheel

  • The 80s threw up all over this video and it's great

  • In the Philippines, there are around 8 million motorcycles. It's still traffic. Heavy. BUT, as a truck guy, I actually want that motorcycle.

  • They should try a tricycle, probably not too much wider with the trunk and it'd definitely make car drivers less nervous about riding, my dad's main stated problem with bikes is that there's no redundancy with only 2 contact patches

  • So, this is the grandfather of Yamaha Xmax & Honda PCX. But today those kind of motorcycle is called "evil motorcycle" to refer it's unruly rider.

  • Ha Ryan, I grew up down at the coast... in Lynn Valley. Can you give that thing an umbrella.... lol. Stay Safe.

  • being able to ice beer in my motorcycle is something I didn't know I needed until today