Why Millions Buy Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Publisert 11. juli. 2021
People say these motorbikes are overpriced tractors for the blindly patriotic. But we also see a few logical, erudite reasons to choose a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Seriously.

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  • I love that they considered themselves having "beaten" japanese bikes by selling more, when said japanese bikes had tarriffs so high they cost double what they were actually meant to cost. Imagine if harleys cost twice as much for no reason, lets see them fight their way out of bancrupcy then. If you didnt win on an even playing field, you didnt win.

  • Overpriced shit garbage. America! I'm an American.

  • Sound feel and style are good enough for me I love my road king.

  • I can’t respect companies that remain only because they lobbied against competition. On top of that, purposely keeping poor engineering and claiming tradition. Hard pass

  • 5:20 Thank you Jesus!

  • Driving a rice grinder is like riding a sewing machine!

  • All the nasa stuff aside....i love my 98 fxstc...nothing like riding a nice harley...

  • HD the most idiotic way of turning petrol into noise known to man. If you are at a rally and there is a dickhead revving a bike at 4am it's nearly always a Harley. They even banned singles from racing at Daytona because that is just how shit they are.

  • Next to bmw Harley marketing sells an outlaw biker fantasy like no one else

  • Millions buy Harley Davidson motorcycles because they are a 1964 Mustang that you can still buy new. They are a boomers childhood that's still for sale. They are old America, that's still accessible.


  • don’t like Harleys. Never did. I don’t hate them, it’s just that I don’t like them. I have tried them. I just don’t get why anyone would settle for one of those when just about anything else is better and much cheaper. I get it that some people like them..I mean some people like model T Ford’s. I get it

  • Nagasaki and Hiroshima were fire bombed for two-weeks prior to atomic bombs droping causing NO HALF-LIFE.

  • Hahahahaha, millions ? All McDonald lover with kfc brain buy this crap

    • Crap! Now my impulse mind is confused. Should I or should I not buy a Harley? lol. Brilliant documentary FortNine!

  • F9's got some good stuff goin' maybe growin'

  • Because they run forever with very few minor repairs and maintenance. How many 1958 hondas, Kawasakis or yamahas are still running today?

  • Great video( as usual) . The production quality of this channel never ceases to amaze me..

  • I'm only sorry Reagan saved them, then I wouldn't have to listen to clowns with open pipes roaring around my house on weekends. My 1290 SAS is a far better bike... and quiet.

  • Lean your bike not your body and see how you feel taking those curves in the mountains... You won't believe how safe it is and feels... from NC

  • I love your work. Too bad I have no interest in motorcycles, otherwise I'd check in more often.

  • Perfect, I love my 2001Sportster because it makes me smile when I open the throttle, end of. It is also nice to own, made with good quality materials an it can last as long as you want to own it.

  • Finally I get it, never will buy one but I know why someone would

  • The sound, style and feel are not only subjective but mostly irrelevant, as I would be willing to bet that 99.9% of Harley owners have never ridden anything else. Harley owners are absolutely unjustifiably snobish and Harleys are inferior to most other motorcycles by almost any measure you can name. The reason millions buy them is that they buy into the snobish culture due to inexperience and/or pier pressure.

  • What's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover? The location of the dirt bag.

  • f Harley. just a name. if they made a plane. would. you go?

  • Not a modern Harley fan. But I do like the old bikes, their history. And especially their Boardtrack Racers.

  • They are for rich old fat men.

  • There is no inherent death wobble. With your theory any bike with two rear shocks would exhibit this. Things like tank slap or wobble happens on any bike with a issue. Not maintained engine mount etc… I ride my Dyna hard and fast and never experienced this bologna.

  • Hmm I was under the impression that the Harley Death Wobble was only in the FLH . . . type models with rubber mount pre-2009 models. I have a 1991 Dyna Sturgis and I have never experienced any wobble at all. That being said I have installed a Carlini Torque Arm, Screaming Eagle Fork Brace, Lowered the rear end with stiff Progressive Shocks and brought down the front end with shorter springs. Could that be the reason I have not experienced the "Death Wobble?"

  • Get a Shadow Phantom no one will be able to tell if its a Harley or not(common people not enthusiasts)

  • Because they bought into a fake narrative of quality and value?

  • Very nice job. You did leave one thing out though, at least concerning those of us who own early bikes. That's the enjoyment of not having to rely on anyone to maintain, tune, and repair your ride. One can completely rebuild a '51 Pan-Shovel like mine with rudimentary skills and a compliment of tools that will fit in the saddle bags. Pretty cool.

  • I think this video should be why there millions of dummies buying Harleys

  • I don't like Harleys. Just me....

  • because the new ones are TRASH and new people don't know

  • That ending haha Always love your humor F9

  • To expensive pass

  • Also forgot to mention the 45 degree crank was to overcome the crappy oil from its origin era. Throwing another power stroke in so early have you a horsepower boost and this Harley won more races. Once the oil industry made better lubricants, the British dominated with their parallel twins until the Japanese iterated both to obsolescence. Appeal to emotion is all either had left.

  • Should be renamed to: 'member-berry motorcycles.

    • Crap! Now my impulse mind is confused. Should I or should I not buy a Harley? lol. Brilliant documentary FortNine!

  • I don't ride, but I have a friend who does. Back in the day, he rode a metric and talked about how much more reliable it was than a harley. Later, when he could afford a newer Harley, he talked about how much better it rode than the metric he upgraded from. I don't think I ever knew which model either was, if I did I can't remember. It was just funny to me that when he could afford the more expensive bike, that he wanted in the first place, the talk of the benefits of the metric went away and I heard no complaints about anything people are supposed to complain about with the Harley.

  • is that an old BC ferry ?great one liners,you make the best most relevant videos for me ,thankyou

  • lol Supersport riders be like Po-tay-toeee aaaaaahahahaha

  • I bought the post wobble era Electra Glide and after owning 22 of the other brands over the past 50 years, I couldn't be happier with my Harley Davidson. It just reads my mind as we trundle along the back roads and I wouldn't change a thing.

    • "Rougher than a peg legged ballerina... until you see her dance." Lol.. I subscribed simply for the one liners.

  • 8:57 you play tf2?

  • "This motorcycle is a little more deadly than others." To me that's a selling point

  • I wonder what your views on the new Sportster S are?

  • A Bike Song from Germany @

  • Awesome video, great editing, amazing narration: My dude you’re a bad ass youtuber 🙌🔥🙌

  • FAKE NEWS! NO The FatBoy was NOT named after the bombs dropped on Japan ....

  • The question should be “why the hell do millions buy Harleys when you could buy a much better Indian instead?” 😂😂😂

  • honda shadow is better in every way possible

  • For all their flaws they make some simply beautiful machines. The factory customization options are nowhere near rivaled by any other large scale motorcycle manufacturer. I'd buy one just simply to look at it in my garage.

    • @wwb I can't speak to the riding experience for HD but I have several other bikes that I own for the riding quality, a Valkyrie and a FireBlade. Lots of people buy show vehicles and these would certainly be good for that.

    • Your money, your choice..... I buy one to ride, NOT to look at.

  • I own a 2003 Harley Heritage Softail and its the biggest turd of a bike and I hate the damn thing. Uncomfortable, transmission shifts and clunks into gear like it was designed by Fred Flinstone, when stater engages it sounds like it is going to chunk out pieces of the gears. Leaks oil..... thats a surprise. Doesnt have enough power to pull a greasy string out of a cats ass. Piece of crap

  • Ryan, admit it, you brought a harley because you're tall as hell, and cruisers are 100x more comfortable for tall riders 😂

  • For the repairs

  • Anyone know the title of the opera music?

  • Thanks for the vibration discussion ! (I think the real point is that the passenger benefits from it :-) ). Recent models perform well under normal road conditions. Earlier Harleys had reliability issues and deserved the moniker "Hardley Driven". Theres a lot of $200 chrome pieces you can pick up while shopping for clothes at the HD store. Classic styling that appeals to the real baddass as well as the wannabee weekend warrior willing to spend $30k. A marketing-led business turn around case study.

  • 3rd generation Harley owner. I've owned nearly a dozen different bikes from 40hp to 150hp . The Harley was one of my favorites. As far as reliability my HD was as reliable as any other bike I've had.

  • Probably why I never owned one,to loud,way to loud,

  • @FortNine Which string version of Letter für Elise was used here?

  • Harleys are the worst motorcycles ive ever experienced in every conceivable metric.

  • AHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA That gravy train is OVER . AHAHAHAHA i can tell you why millions STOPPED buying them . AHAHAHAHA NIGGA PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • Thank you very much for the vid. I have a Harley 48 my son bought it for me love the bike despite the fact the I'm great friends with the pump attendant the seat has killed my ass I genuinely believe but the thing is trying to kill me when I take it up to 100 which isn't very often constable but it is fun I wanted a classic the prices of those have gone to the moon thoroughly enjoy riding it . I have had a heart attack and have a monitor watch and when I'm trying to keep the bike straight the Old ticker goes up to 153 bpm which I guess saves going to a gym reactions to the bike over in the UK people either totally love it or when you're going through the village rattle in the window panes you're the antichrist any case sooner get polished off riding this wonderful contraption than die dribbling in the old folks home is true when you get old the sex and drugs disappear but you can still rely on the rock and roll and the old thumper reflections from an old Git

  • Great video! Hope there are lots like this one.

  • I put 140hp S&S motor in mine...is it still a Harley? Sounds better, its much faster...after market everything...thanks for the base model Harley, was a great starting point although expensive.

  • Because they want a motorcycle that's far too heavy, doesn't handle or brake worth a crap.

  • Because there’s no pressure to be a good rider or good at cornering or good at braking or good at anything! So the pressure is off since the bike can’t perform anyway and you aren’t expected to perform on it. No expectations for bike or rider and a lot of mediocre folks like that. 😐

  • Winning models like the street 500 and 750? Winners like the live wire? Made in America from parts made in india? The only Harley even worth looking at is the new Pan America. All the others are bloated pigs. I'm sorry.. that insults pigs..

  • blah blah blah not convinced that a bike that handles like a piece of shit in 2021 is worth considering. Engine? Well it's funny, but steering? That's unforgiveable.

  • I just got a '94 Heritage Softail Classic, coming from a Honda Shadow 600 VLX, the Harley is a damn MONSTER of a machine lmao. The sound of it blew me away when I first heard it, the feel even when you just fire it up and feel all that power is amazing, and the style, it's like my Shadow, which was my dad's bike he gave me when he passed but just a beefed up one, a classic looking badass bike.

    • I needed to justify buying a lot of tools. So I bought a Harley. 20 years on and we're doing great!

    • @wwb oh I know I've ridden sports bikes before, and they're not for me anymore, when I was in my teens I loved them but now I'm into the classic style of Harley and my Shadow. I'm very aware that a Ninja is faster than a HD but I'm just not into them

    • You don't "feel all that power".... you just feel all the vibration from an archaic design. If you really want to "feel all that power", take a ride on any of the contemporary liter sportbikes - they are all in the neighborhood of 200 hp. Enjoy your H-D....just don't fool yourself into thinking it's something that it really isn't.

  • The Fatboy debuted in 1990. The FXR frame was the precursor to the Dyna chassis (92').

  • Love my Harleys

  • Stupid people make money making Stupid videos


  • You are correct sir, I love my Versys X300, but I do miss the beautiful sound of the Harley's I have owned.

  • Because there sheep and don't realise the tech is old and rubbish.

  • I think Harley Davidson bikes look and sound nice, but they're not worth most of what they're priced at.

    • What I understood from this awesome review was that Harley tries to solve problems by implementing solutions that cause their own problems without really addressing the original problem they were initially supposed to solve.

  • Go ahead and ask a Harley owner about his experience at a dealership service center!!! HAH!!!

  • Fortnite I see you have a rising Sun and one of your cartoon arrows pointing at the rear shock absorber here again is it so imperative to have an american-made shock absorber when the cartoon arrow of yours is pointing toward a shock absorber made by showa of Japan guess who owns that company the name of the company who owns to showa it is Honda exclusively and exclusively you only finds to showa shocks on Hondas and Harley since about 19 70 haunted again supplying Harley with shock absorbers that work and here again we're talking about a shock absorber that works versus something from Walmart that would not so you're blaming the higher technology and the upgrades that Harley has been struggling for and making over the years detrimental to calling it an American made motorcycle.. the idea here is to maintain the price as well as you know it is better not saying more of your but in spite of c********** like you who continue every day to cause me problems with my motorcycle financially Harley is still able to sell the street bob for the same price it was 10 years ago of $13,500 as the lowest price big twin with a true mono shock fully adjustable rebound compression damping and preload that is standard equipment today has the 2011 dyna Street Bob's came with non-adjustable showa standard back then as of today you can request as optional equipment and brand or style shock absorbers for your brand new Harley as long as they are equal to or higher quality then what is on there that's still range in the specs for suspension travel. ... That ain't for all the numbness out there who can't understand the English language including you who only know how to speak crooked to Canadian means that you could have had a pair of ohlins the back of your Harley but you have no intentions of ever mentioning any of the options that are available at the time you purchase your brand new Harley or brand use Harley all will be back by the company and the Harley-Davidson warranty and extended warranty if you wish to pay for another 7 years guaranteed total replacement if anything we should happen to it same goes with road hazard on wheels and tires a lot of things I could go on for another hour that you can Bentley leave out when you're backstabbing Harley and let me guess what the real reason is...you claim you don't like the corporate executive branch of Harley-Davidson and I will never buy any of their stock... I could say it's the truth was known you f***** up and forgot about the exchange rate when you was in a hurry to buy some stocks when they were going skyrocketing and then when they fell it's exchange rate of Canada's money the United States money you lost your ass big time didn't you cry baby mother f***** Canadian bacon and they fry your ass didn't they... Too bad he s*** m*********** now you're only recourse is to kill the company by destroying my f****** motorcycle you're a badass worthless two-faced son of a b**** and f****** bastard they can walk the earth low life sleazy mother f***** non biker mother f***** could get a God damn less about the product at all or anybody who rides them or anybody who rides any other motorcycle you're just using them to bash the company that f***** you out of a shitload of money cuz you were stupid dumb f*** stupid Canadian a****** now I know exactly why they were always joking about bomb Canada on Saturday night live they weren't joking at all it's because it c********** like you need a serious reevaluation and then an education about how things are done.... Here in America if you would walk into a automobile dealership and tell them you want a brand new Ford without mentioning any other details what are you supposed they would sell you Are you expecting a half million dollar Ford GT or how about $100,000 Shelby super Snake.. You would end up with an ecosport crossover and bring it on your show pointing out all of its inherited problems cleaning that Ford motor company doesn't build fine cars and you would have killed the sales for all potential for buyers now of course it wouldn't affect people who buy Fords for what the reasons they want them for but all you're doing just like you're doing today is confusing those who want to hear the truth and you are letting on like you're telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God but it's the f****** devil is telling you what to do cuz you're a cock second mother f****** evil ass son of a b**** and Satan from hell leave my goddamn Harley-Davidson alone you don't got no business talking about it you don't want to write them you don't want to let anybody else ride me you don't care if your friends riding none of the people watching this show will ever ride them so what God damn f****** business is yours to say a goddamn word about a f****** motorcycle that you have no use for anybody else leave the son of b**** alone keep your f****** God damn mouth out of my business you understand

  • Fortnite you complained when Harley made brakes that would not stop ..now you are complaining that the brakes are not made in America...but instead are made by Brembo in Italy .the same sintered brake pad materials Brembo uses for all their highest quality brake pads found on the most expensive exotic sports cars costing as much as 2 million dollars . Just for the cost of lawn of retrofitting older Ferraris that did not have the expensive brembos will set you back about $40,000 now explain to me what you feel is wrong with having the most safest most highest quality the best in the world Brembo breaks on anything tell me that tell me what you got against that and tell me why you're telling the public not mentioning the brands or the material but just little flags popping up saying well this is not American bike no more what have you accomplished by that in your sleazy weasel expressions on your face and dragging the words out like you have found something that has been hidden and not explained ... I can tell you exactly what it looks like as it looks like you're trying to kill more sales for Harley-Davidson to finish them off and put them out of business like so many others are doing for ulterior motives now the only people you're hurting is people like me who like to ride the motorcycles and like to own the motorcycles and like to buy parts at regular prices when the prices are not being driven up by loss of sales doing the c********** mother f****** low-life mother f****** bastards like you whose foreign son of a b**** I'm not even a citizen of the United States get the f*** down the goddamn road and never come back you son of a b**** f*** it up for me what the hell did I ever do to you you c********* ain't s*** and die or if you got any balls that line called The border and meet me head on and that's exactly how we'll do it chicken s***

  • 9:00 lmao respect for using soldier tf2 voiceline

  • IF Imay ask which city was the clip shot with the ship in the back ground?

  • It’s like riding a fat cow that vibrates

  • Me like Honda broom broom

  • Same reason people buy a Dodge POS... people are not smart.

  • good job

  • Getting older I put my Hayabusa down on a Harley. Zero speed and handled like a potato. I'm now on a BMW GS . Hopefully for this lockdown BS to stop and over for the TT all going well next year

  • Dude your videos are great man. Randomly found your channel and love it !

    • What I understood from this awesome review was that Harley tries to solve problems by implementing solutions that cause their own problems without really addressing the original problem they were initially supposed to solve.

  • I love that you appear to disparage the Dyna, yet appear to ride one. It is very similar to mine, except for the fairing.

  • Actually, Honda has the record for motorcycles sold in the united states. Not Harley. Soooooo. There.

  • I'm going to give you a thumbs up for your line of "Vibrator for old man"... I laughed my butt off. 🤣 (god I hate these new smiley faces...

  • The unbalanced forces of the pistons and crank is what gives Moto Guzxi its unique feel, as I think these are the only bikes where these forces work side-to-side...

  • 1:00 sound, feel and style, thats why I buy old shovelheads and not modern Harleys

  • While most of the video was well done, I feel you missed the mark with your perpetration of the “Fat Boy lie.” This urban legend has been around for years. I think that it is terribly irresponsible to include this blatant mistruth and to characterize it as being factually accurate. Beyond the coincidences that you point out, there’s no strong evidence, let alone definitive proof, that the naming of the bike had anything to do with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII.

  • Macho and to follow the herd are the 2 bigest reason imo

  • Why seeing the video to answer the title's question? It's simple: harleys are beutiful ! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • some call it the wasted spark system, one cylinder is always 180 degrees off from the other, forward cylinder is two strokes ahead of the rear and a spark firing won't matter.

  • I’m fully aware that I could buy better and cheaper bikes lol but I’ll only ever own Harleys lol

  • I balanced a 1968 FLH engine in 1982 that did not vibrate at all after precision balance company of Indianapolis Indiana that cost me _$60 dollars labor only to dynamic balance of the entire rotating assembly that did not vibrate as much as a Honda Shadow Vulcan or any of that other trash from Japan... This was the 1st Harley I ever overhauled and 39 years later is still running the streets and highways on my original balance and blue print job as this Harley has never been apart since . .it's now on its 4th owner and I was ask what it was I did to make it so fast ....as I tried to make it slower with only an " A" grind Andrews cam and an Andrews side draft adjustable main jet carb ..1.5 inch dia. Single exhaust slip on 36-in Long fishtail muffler.. And millennials think it's fast I'll tell you it's really not that fast at all although it did from a dead stop leave a cb750f and a triumph tiger 650 twin online and stay ahead of them for a quarter of a mile so yeah I guess you could say it's pretty fast but the Honda and the triumph been long dead while my 1968 Electra glide blue is still flying..

  • These FortNine videos are some of the few that are worth watching multiple times...

  • Masterfully crafted, more than just dialogue and video, a work of art!