The Killer Tricycle Banned by the US Government

Publisert 24. des.. 2020
This cultural hot potato of the 80s had everything - flawed design, thoughtless marketing, irresponsible dealers, young lives lost, sickening injury rates, bad parenting…the lot. Here’s the messy story of the three-wheeled ATV.


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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • I wanted to call you out and say that trikes were never banned by the US government, But i watch your video before i did that. Thank you for mentioning it was voluntary by the big 4 and for the record it was a 10 year 1987 to 1997 stop importing them to the U.S. however the big 4 never started making them again. There are several small mom and pop shop making trikes again out of current bikes, just like it started way back even before honda made the first US/ATC90

  • My aunts brother in law hopped on my suzuki 185 the shift pattern was "up"1-N- "down"2-3-4-5. 1 being geared really low we told him to shift down not up he goes maybe 5 feet and flips it backwards up hill breaking his leg.

  • Long live the honda atc

  • OH MY MY I have flipped a few thank god for helmets and yea I like 4 wheels call me wheelist if you will but I like stability LMAO

  • Had one when I was 12, so 20 years ago. Everyone who rode it fell off at some point during the ride lol. Used to love to two wheel it, my brother almost lost an eye riding one night, went off the rode and into a tree. RIP bro

  • tricycle is just good for strait way :-D

  • My friends had them back in the 80's and we rode them to hell and back. My 110 was jumped so hard, so many times the foot peg assembly bolts stripped out and we continued to ride it without pegs. The clutch finally gave way after pulling cars around the yard. Yeah, dumbasses get hurt on anything and we took a few lumps but nobody in my neighborhood died on a 3 wheeler.

  • thhe coolest thing about the small three wheelers is that they float

  • I guess I got lucky cus I’ve been riding a 3 wheeler since I was 5 or 6

  • My uncle absolutely loves trikes.. I remember him always having those red and red/white/blue Honda 250Rs when I was a kid. He always seemed to have or build things (and still does), that were either just inherently dangerous or way overpowered for what they were (or both).... lol


  • So you forgot to mention that in USA, the three wheelers aren’t banned. I’ve seen them since 2000

  • I have a 350x. Unstoppable...

  • About would have better chances playing with a loaded gun as a kid

  • Had 3 of them in the 80s. One was stretched with paddles for sand drags.

  • yet nother one of this stuff ban in u.s. when in fact its not my boi had one just like that one honda red same tires every thing same but not ban just like how soposly the sky line ban that in 2 fast 2 fureus do to straring wheel on opisit side thay even said the smart car convertabal was ban do to the soft top from being convertal that if u roll ull die so thay ban it but when in fack all this so called ban rides to be used in the u.s on the roads when i see them in the u.s on pluplic road ways i think just people bored so that thot what better to do then lie on youtube

  • No mention of Suzuki 250R that caused the ban... I wouldn't sell mine to anyone who didn't know the machine

  • I believe you rolled that ATC more in a month than I did in 10 years. (One time I had to step off the side on a hill climb) Extended axles and swingarms are the name of the game with 3wheelers

  • Most fun I ever had as a child was on a three wheeler. Honda 350X was so much fun.

  • I can only wish that Honda would start producing these again!!!

  • It's a bit of a different story on the 250x atc, more power and real suspension.

  • why didnt you go for a bigger model tho thats for the kid i supose it was the point you made about weight

  • one of the most fun things I had as a kid.

  • Saved up beer cans to buy a used honda 70 atc when I was like 8. Sadly the metal tank was rusted bad while the rest of the bike was mint so I had nothing but problems with filters turning brown and sputtering. If I knew what I do now I would've just strapped a plastic gas can to it and rode the hell out of it. I never did get really hurt but my leg had plenty of burns as I ran over my foot trying to prevent tipping. Lessons learned and anyone hurt on them is their own worst enemy.

  • So when is that bann up?

  • My parents bought my 11 year old brother and my 6 year old self a Honda ATC70. I rode that thing until I was too big for it. I wish I still had it. It was the best!!!!!

  • Talk about holding there value... I just got 2 125s just like the one hes riding about 3 weeks ago. $500 a peace 🙄

  • I still own a 1986 Honda 350x trike....fully restored. I love the viceral rider feedback of the ATC and historically have trail ridden mine often. The same....I do agree with the poster as to these should have never been marketed to children. An OEM solid, front fork was also a bad idea. Overall I still love riding my's about the most fun one can have with your clothes on. lol

  • I feel like I just watched a segment from top gear, great job

  • Summer of 1984 was 18 years old and the local u haul rented these for 40 dollars a day. Me and 3 friends just trashed these things weekend after weekend. Yea we were lucky we didn't kill ourselves but it really was a different time.

  • I loved the allusion to the Kardashian, Can't stop laughing.

  • I remember riding these on the farm out in ND. fun times

  • I love three wheelers. I hope that somehow, someday they will make a comeback. I currently own three of them and will probably own more someday.

  • I saw one someone dropped into a dumpster ,I got the rear bumper off it.

  • Had a friend named Ricky Lee he had one in 1980ish and we where around 12 years old and were skinny and light weight. Would drive double for hours in the Addicks dam area and the Big Red would take us any where and float the water crossings I was hooked!

  • I grew up riding 3 wheelers. Those were the good ol days. I survived! Started on it at like 7 years old, and only wore a dirt bike helmet that was about 3 sizes to big. We eventually started pulling sleds around with it and me and my brother would pull each other around. So much fun, and I never tipped one once.

  • we had 2 back in the 80's man was that a blast.

  • We just need to convince a broadcasting executive to give f9 an hour time slot.

  • We had a Honda 185s. It was a blast! When we had high school friends over they always wanted to ride it. One kid went up a steep 10 foot bank and he failed to lean forward and wheelied over. The ATC landed on him and it rolled again. This time the foot peg hooked the kid and it threw him in the air. I can remember seeing his sneaker fly through the air. What riders don't realize is that you have to lean and lean hard to control the thing. Quads are easy compared to ATCs.

  • Bro you almost rode over a snake a snake at 5:16 :O

  • I had a 185m and 200s. My neighbor had a 125m and the 250es aka "BIG RED". We grew up riding in the late 90s early 2000s. If you never got to experience how fun they are, you missed out.

  • Still have my blue Honda 110 never got hurt bad and then only doing things beyond its capabilities. I have an old snowmobile ski i made up for the front when there's but totally different handling characteristics. Must be funny to watch me ride it and the Z50 bike now. I'm 6'4" so must look like a clown at the circus. All in all respect your machine, three wheeler, dozer, chainsaw, whatever it is and know what it can and can't do.

  • I love my 3wheelers.

  • Great cimamadic video!!! Awesome!!!

  • My brothers and I nearly died so many times on a few of these. Memories.

  • Ahhh the ole BIG RED & LIL Honda 110 with the WAMULUS tires. Had them both , bent the forks on the 110 hitting a tree 😂 nobody was hurt thank the Good Lord. Those things were so much fun especially the 250R then 4 wheelers came 👍. I saw TO MANY bad accidents though I think they could have revised the design and made them safer but im no engineer. Great video

  • Lawyers presenting idiotic evidence instead of common sense like a mandatory antivirus should be avoided at all cost.🛴🏍

  • I still have a Honda Big Red in my cousin’s shop under a bunch of stuff.

  • I was riding one back in 1990. It was so much fun. I went to emergency rooms many times. Loved the damn thing.

  • What do you mean the '80's?? I got one in the summer of '72. It was a blast and I never killed myself even once. My brother almost did, but he's an idiot.

  • I grew up on those had the Honda 70 threw the fastest 250R water cooled to the Kawasaki 250 Tecate LOVE 3 WHEELERS if Everyone Today Had The Opportunity To Ride THEM THEY WOULD RESPECT OFF ROAD VEHICLES 👍👍👍

  • I loved my 3 wheeler when I was a kid. Notice the numbers of injuries and deaths compared to units sold. Fact remains....if you’re gonna be stupid, you’d better be tough.

  • banned in canada too

  • So what is that ban expiration date exactly?

  • three wheelers are not banned by the government!!! get a clue lossers

  • Stupid people can hurt themselves with a cotton ball. Why cant the government let Darwinism prevail? Having ridden ATC's, Quads and dirt bikes, they all have advantages and disadvantages, all can be ridden safely or not but that is up to the rider. Doing dumb shit is always fun until you get hurt. 162 stitches by age 15 mostly from either myself or a buddy doing dumb shit and would do most of it again.

  • First 44 seconds of the video and he starts with a Die Hard reference, hahah, I'm HOOKED!!

  • never a problem, never listened to alarmists... great fun, don't be dumb.

  • Alcohol & cigs still ok tho. Lil too big for a 125cc buddy. Honda 350x was a badass.

  • Just imagine how dangerous one would be if it only had two wheels. It would flip over doing absolutely nothing! 🙄

  • ATCs, like most machines, are only as dangerous as the operator. I bought my first when I was 17, and I have eight of them today at 56. Talk about personal responsibility today, and the light goes out in people's eyes. Everyone has to blame something, or someone, else. We have become a nation of infants and karens.

  • They all kill....u got know how. And still die. We put them thru hell . Had one back 75.90 turned over,floated down river hit by car. Step son had it running in 2004.

  • this videos should cost me money to watch lol

  • These were great machines, like any other machine it had limitations and had a learning curve. Mainly used as a firewood hauler where I grew up and recreation of course. Did people die on them? Yes. People die on snowmobiles, quads, dirtbikes and side by sides. They all require safety, care and attention, none of which is present in parents who give these machines to small children. That isn't responsible use. These are still available on the used market. Laws and regulations cannot combat stupid.

  • So basically the Reliant Robin?

  • I had one identical to that

  • I started riding ATC's in 1972, at the ripe old age of 11. My father let my brother and I purchase ATC 70's from Vespa Honda in Miami. We terrorized our neighbors and local hotels in Islamorada for years with them. Running up and down the east side of the island. They were brand new, I was hooked. I rode that until I out grew it, then went to my father's 90. I then bought a 200s, and finally a 200x which I rode until I was in my forties, I still ride them today and prefer them to the much heavier quads. I wish they would bring them back! I'd be the first in line for a modern day 200x. I must say, I didn't notice the injury rates drop when the much heavier and clumsy quads came out. You pretty much had to ride them like a three wheeler, and it took some learning how to shift weight. But, it's a skill that you retain. Just like riding a motorcycle or driving a car or boat, you have to learn how to use the machine. Great piece, thank you for your vindication of the three wheeler. Oh, btw, they will float if you get off them and float them across a canal as I have done many times.

  • Fuck the "US Government"!!! So when's the new ATC's arriving!!!?

  • 250r and try z's turn boys in to men

  • In 89 my atc ran me over. Lol. Good times for sure. I miss my Honda atc

  • I have one currently and they are a blast. The 2 most important rules are know the machines limits and know your actual skill level

  • you can drive go-karts and three wheelers on the streets here in german which is odd

  • I remember when these where band!

  • This video was incredible. Very well done.

  • what a fake setup video

    • @outdated memes69 I had a Honda 200 s could never flip it as easily as this rider is making it seem. There was a govt report on either CBS or ABC back in the day and it's purpose was to show how "dangerous three wheelers were. Did the same exibition .what they DIDNT tell you was it took their " expert" several tries before he was able to flip the machine.and this video looks just as staged now as the one done back in the day!

    • ???

  • my brother was killed on one of these back in the 80's.

  • I can see why it's banned, my friend and I used to ride one of these back in the day. One time he didn't show up at the house when it was my turn to ride so I started up my dirt bike and went out to look for him, found him next to the swamp with the three wheeler flipped over and the handle bar stuck into his intestines. He was fine after everything but at the time I was freaking out and he was laying there for about 20 minutes before I found him. We never rode it again and stuck to bikes after that.

  • You think the 125 is bad, there was a version with the CR250R engine in it

  • Was this filmmed at stave lake bc

  • BIG RED.

  • I had a big ole 250 we used when deer hunting but jumped into a sugarcane field and the 3 wheeler played leap frog for a bit…I was 12 at the time

  • Someone gave me one of these. I'm about to see how it turns, balls out! 😂😂😂🍻🤕

  • They weren't BANNED they were discontinued. Big deal! I had two Hondas and one BADASS YAMAHA 225! if you know what your doing learn handling they are the best damn bikes ever!

  • Just saw this video for the first time! back in the early 2000s, my dad had a lawn aerator attached to one of these. He was warming it up, and somehow he got it into gear and throttle locked up, throwing him backwards onto the spikes of the aerator. It was a pretty nasty back injury that has stopped him from doing most intensive physical activities ever since.

  • Both the neighbor kids got Honda 90 ATC's. They knew how to ride them, that's for sure. You had to have a feel for them. I remember riding with one of them, we went down the bank off the driveway and my foot got caught by the back tire and got pulled underneath. Needless to say, that caused quite a drag and we stopped. Luckily, my foot and ankle were not broken. The ATC 90 was not made for 2 people, but kids will be kids. Those 3 wheelers did make great trails for us kids that had dirt bikes. Nice and wide, we had nice trails everywhere. It's too bad you didn't grow up back in the 70's, those were really great times!!

  • screw the government. 3 wheelers were awesome

  • I love this decade of stuff. It helped build boys into men🤷‍♂️ Today’s shit makes Karen’s and kyles (snowflakes)

  • And we still ride them even tho we have much newer toys!..😆

  • The first time I rode one, I made the mistake of using motorcycle type principles. Meaning I put both feet down when I come to a stop. That part wasn't so bad but, if you throttle while feet on the ground, both back tires climb up both of your legs! In which, I could control much better if it had a lever clutch? Aside from the automatic clutch taking a certain level of control away from you... There also was no reverse gear? However, you could ride it forward, and be happy. (Be happy you lived thru it!)

  • I used to have the 210 model. It ripped ass.

  • I bought one for $100 after my buddy hurt himself. I sold it for $100 a few weeks later after I hurt myself. I was the 14th owner of it.

  • When i see a 3 wheeler harley on the road, this is what i had in my mind !

  • It’s a shame they went away. Killed off by wussies and idiots that didn’t know how to ride one and didn’t respect them. They won’t ban motorcycles r automobiles that have killed way more people.

  • I rode one for years and for as dangerous as everyone used to say they were, I only ever rolled mine over once. It literally flopped on me going around a slow corner and when a friend came over all freaked out to help me he found me laying on my back under my Kawasaki Prairie laughing.

  • had a honda 350X a lot of fun in the snow. went to the 300ex. now the 420 rancher

  • Loved the Honda Big Red.

  • It’s a cult hero for sure!

  • you have to get used to riding these on 2 wheels for a lot of situations

  • Me and lil bro had fun riding our 3 wheelers, but we had a F'ing blast on our Quads!!!!!!

  • People didn’t learn how too ride them right , they would get on them and ride like idiots and even ride double hurting the passenger . My whole family rode them including my grandpa from they early 70S to mid 80s , the wrong people road them wrong the bikes weren’t the problem stupid people were .