Best Beginner Motorcycle Gear - What Do You Really Need?

Publisert 16. aug.. 2020
Picking motorcycle gear as a beginner can seem like a daunting task, especially on a 2020 budget. Don't worry though - we're here to simply things for you. Eventually.

Biltwell Gringo S ECE Helmet :
Icon Mesh AF Jacket :
Five Gloves :
Fox Racing Comp Boots :
Icon Joker 1000 WP Boots :
D30 Armor Inserts :

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  • @FortNine - Brilliant stuff, Ryan. Especially on suggesting MX type boots for beginners. Will certainly benefit/save a lot in the long run, though many sellers/retailers might not suggest this as an option. You could have also included about importance of hi-viz in gears, helmet screens, Double D lock and pinlock in visors...

  • 4:58 Can anyone explain to me why this is bad? I've been riding for a while, and I usually operate the clutch like this. Not because I have difficulty using only two fingers. But because my ring finger and pinkie gets caught between the lever and the handle bar. Which impedes my ability to pull the lever all the way back.

  • Why can't we wear medieval gauntlets when motorcycling? oh right because it's considered a weapon here.

  • Just wanted to say thank you. Watched this earlier this year. I was in the market for new gloves. I made a point to get ones with a plastic slider in the palm. Went down at a track day. Big grooves in the plastic on the palm and I didn't feel anything in my wrist. I get a feeling it would have gone differently with just a leather patch there.

  • Pretend I’m not a pirate and I’ll never wear shin high boots…what ankle high boots do you recommend.

  • I mean, no shit dude, if you lose your arm the fatality rate might be zero but it still means you're without an arm. Or "only" insanely painful

  • Entertaining and informative,always enjoy your videos

  • One of the most useful videos I've seen so far on gear.... thanks so much.

  • Das Boot killed me xD Greetings from Germany

  • i haven't even ridden a motorcycle since i was a teenager why do i watch your videos haha

  • I'm kind of curious, couldn't we learn to fall without putting out our feet and hands? Seems like that way we could avoid many injuries. Just to fall like a bag of potatoes.😄

    • Which ironically in this case might be the smartest way to fall.

  • Guys, can anybody tell if in order to have thicker socks, would one need to buy boots that are bigger size or what? Thank you in advance.

  • Watching it 3 days after having a serious road accident, I wasn't wearing any protective gear other than a Japanese style helmet which caused more damage to face , Fortunately there were no fractures but my right side of body all the way from head to toe is full of bruises , scares and swellings

  • Fantastic video for the returning rider!

  • Thanx bro

  • Anybody start out with a mesh jacket and wore a rain shell over it? I live in Ireland, bit my rainy than Canada but not as cold in the winter / warm in the summer. Would this be a good idea? Seems like most people here buy an all weather / waterproof. Thanks

  • thanks loved the video as always

  • I just took a motorcycle course as I’m getting my license and I was told to use all fingers on the clutch/front brake

  • Are Five Gloves still in the market? Can't find them anywhere!

  • is there a good alternative to the Icon mesh AF? I cannot find it anywhere in europe... :(

  • Honestly i still wear the jacket not cuz im worried about dying even though its a good idea. I really really really dont wanna go for a slide at 80km per hour with a t shirt. I went for a slide down gravel at 30km and that hurt bad enough

  • a hahaha love Anthony!!

  • Sponsored by 5 gloves

  • I suggest to buy a backarmour fir beginners. You have your spine protected and then just wear any sort of jacket over it

  • good video boots matter

  • Dear god how I wish I found your video before purchasing my gear. I didn't know what the hell I was doing and my brothers friend chose out the gear I have. Both the jacket and pants are too heavy for me to move around in, my gloves don't have sliders. I spent all my money on other safety gear and so now I have been riding months without boots thus making bad habits which are going to be frustrating for me to break when I do get boots and make me wanna do it even less. Sigh


  • Crashed a few times and my selection : Helmet the most important Then gloves because its freaking cold outzide and if you fall it s gonna hurt really bad Then a vest because you fall on back or shoulder or elbows most of the time

  • I’m over here having had gotten my gear first, taken a basic riders course and finally having bought my motorcycle feeling proud that did it in that order. My gear? Helmet, gloves, jacket, and pants. First thing he mentions? Boots. The one thing I hadn’t gotten. -_-

  • great stuff

  • Heavy as fock

  • Regarding the jacket, was he gonna say "It's kinda gay" at the end?

  • hahaha love the intro

  • You need to come to Australia my good sir, some people down under could use some of your infinite wisdom, cunning and wit.

  • 0:30 I was eating pomegranates and all of the pomegranate basically spit all the pomegranate in mouth out

  • Months later still can't find Five gloves in the US. Their dual sport offerings looked really nice 😭

  • Yes i shattered my arms in an accident

  • How many of these stats are simply because everyone goes out and buys a jacket first, pants second etc? Has that been considered in these studies? Personally, I don't know many or any people who bought riding boots or gloves with sliders, but everyone bought a jacket first.

  • another one for somebody without a budget??

  • 5:02 Ok, gonna have to explain to me here - why is using all four fingers on the controls, or in this case just the clutch, a bad thing?

  • Who am I to criticize a guy who has over a million subscribers but words like shit and assholes buy you nothing and costs you something. You are obviously a businessman so think about it.

  • What a BRILL vid for a 60 YEAR OLD Newbie like me

  • Thank you for the information, friend.Good luck ,health and good roads to all bikers.

  • 5:33 F@#$%@#%$ Nerd!

  • Did you end up doing a video on the clutch lever bad habit?

  • Awesome content man!

  • If money is a problem, just get used motorcycle protection. There's plenty of cheap gear out there.

  • Where was this video when I was a terrified noob and spent way too much on gear? Lol! Great as always.

  • Slick brother slick

  • And there is me who after my last crash deceided to improve my safety with exchanging to ride in sneakers to more safe hiking boots....still think that my bicycle gloves are not best so probably gonna by some new stuff later...

  • "Wanna be Anthony video" - loved it!

  • Light knock heavy as fock. Hahahah

  • Das boot... Nice

  • I just finished my motorcycle course, and the instructor kept yelling at me not to two-finger clutch (because of I drop the bike it will rip my fingers off, or so he said). Did that video mentioned at 5:00 on why it's bad to four-finger clutch ever come out? I've done some digging and can't really find a good reason why it's better.

  • So ride in the buff save for boots, a helmet, and some gloves, got it.

  • Don't forget your force multiplier

  • @FortNine 05:05 you never explained in an upcoming video on why it's dangerous to pull brake levers with 4 fingers :( Is this video still coming? I still don't know why this is dangerous

  • That was a very entertaining and informative video. Thanks (No sarcasm)

  • 4:55 Still waiting for that video - been riding for 10 years and have been four-fingering the clutch this whole time, but if this man does a video telling me why my 2-wheeled lady prefers 2 fingers, I will listen :P

  • I don't even have a bit yet. Been dreaming of riding for years but I never had the time thanks to work. Finally enrolled, but I got myself a decent jacket with armor, boots, gloves and a sena helmet to start. Hoping to move into a new home by the end of this year or early next year and then I can buy my first bike.

  • When I've done my CBT the instructor kept shouting at me and calling me "Valentino" because I wouldn't use all the fingers to pull the levers. Now you are saying it's a good habit?

  • amazing production on this video! Give this guy a raise FortNine!

  • New rider here. Quality content, subscribed!

  • @f9 you never explained 4 fingers on levers 😅 just reminder that we are still waiting for pros and cons

  • Das Boot is great.

  • important info thank you!

  • Thanks for the video. I will be starting training courses soon to become a new rider 😁

  • Great advice on the boots.

  • You might think a helmet is all you need Then you will crash doing only about 30kph You will learn new words "highside and lowside" You will enjoy road rash and swollen ankles

  • Really nice video, congratulations. New subscriber here!

  • I like that you included your own video in the start. Also, I need to find out why I've been using the clutch wrong for 20 years. (all fingers pull clutch, 70's bikes aren't easy)

  • git gud noob

  • E-max fashion

  • I want to see you two-finger the clutch on my 30 year old Evo Sportster. Cable only. No hydraulics. Whenever you're ready BMW boy. I'll wait. (I know you have a Dyna now but I still had to give you a hard time)

  • Feel free to narrate all the tutorial/guide videos I need to look up. Just cheeky enough and full of info.

  • I made sure to buy gloves with sliders. I ate it during the closed course training, and the slider on my left hand looks like it took a beltsander. I will never buy gloves without sliders from now on. Shit saved my wrist.

  • I'm in, and happy to trust a Vancouver boy. Well done. GS1200 here we come!

  • Blue is looking sus 👀

  • Where is the video about why not to use four fingers on levers? (See 4:55 mark of this video.) It's been a year already. ;)

  • I'm an ebike commuter but still appreciate all these tips.

  • Was the a video about the use of 2 fingers on the clutch?

  • just wear ski boots🙄

  • i feel sad for laughing at the das boat joke

  • Lmfao, “discovered by scientists throwing things at dead people”

  • He joined his hands in the end

  • Useful tips! Just planning through getting into motorcycling. Mostly for practical purposes, actually. I didn't like driving in a car, I think I'd (somewhat counter-intuitively) prefer a smaller vehicle. I need to pass the written test, then get the gear, then the training. The training isn't legally required of course, but seems like a must-have for first timers like myself, and at the end I can take the first level driving test ahead of time so that's nice. They require you to bring your own suitable gear, but they provide the bikes. Though the standards they're using means some of this video's gear won't qualify, I think. Particularly the jacket. For both jacket and pants they have thick leather as 'acceptable' and armoured as 'recommended'. So I'll have to go with the standard tougher gear. If I get really into riding though, I might choose to go with a lighter jacket at least for the summer months (I do so detest the heat).

  • There's pretty much no reason for this video all u need to do is buy all cycle gears Bilt brand and you'll get everything covered for a good price and alot of the bilt stuff isn't that bad

  • Ever since seeing his PedElec dangers video, I actually took it as a challenge to get one, but with the added knowledge of Motorcycle Gear, I want to see what equipment I should definitely get for 2-wheel drive, Motorcycle or otherwise.

  • Black helmet with reflectors? ;)

  • I knew nothing about sliders, thank you very much.

  • Get white boots because hot feet really sucks

  • Can you please clarify and explain the "two-finger-clutch lever" hold. When I had my motorcycle training, back in '81 (sorry to say, but yes, 40 years ago) I was told by my instructor to use all four fingers, because in a case of a collision with some object or car my fingers would get smashed by the clutch lever and the handlebar. So, I've been doing that ever since, up until now. I now understand it is better to not do so, but why?? Thanks for your great videos and all the lessons learnt. Greetings from The Netherlands!

  • Such excellent info! Thanks Ryan.

  • 2 by 4s were legendary

  • So I am heavily considering purchasing a Vespa or similar scooter. Would you change anything in regards to your list in the video on PPE?

  • He laid his bike for us. #Respect!

  • You've turned into my favorite motorcycle channel.

  • um, you are defo supposed to use 4 fingers on the leavers, not 2.

  • I wish I watched this video before buying my gear:(

  • When looking at hospital admission studies could there be some survivorship bias here? They used to think fighter planes needed more protection under the plane body because that's where the most bullet holes were..... on planes that still had wings to fly home!