Why Electric Bikes are More Dangerous than Motorcycles

Publisert 17. jan.. 2021
More fun, more speed and less effort. E-bikes seem like a no-brainer. But not so fast. These innocent little electric bicycles are a lot closer to motorcycles than pedal bikes when it comes to injury rates.

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  • It’s about bicycle education to start with. Most people have none. Follow road rules they’re put there for your safety

  • It’s a great vid. I love your style. You could be a professor and communicate way better than 99% of us. On e-bikes I get it. I have been passed by them at high speed on a pedal bike and you don’t hear them coming. UK does regulate them to 28 mph which may reduce the injury rate. But the real problem in US, UK, OZ - I have commuted or tried to on a bicycle in all three - is not so much irresponsible cyclists or e-cyclists but irresponsible motorists. The stats from the uk bear that out. Any motorist who has hit a bicycle or motorcycle ought to be retrained at the least but most get away with it. The real problem is car and truck driver training & regulation not irresponsible motor cyclists and e-bikers. They rarely die in accidents. But car & truck occupants kill 1000 times more than they get killed as your UK stat shows. Reducing urban speed limits is part of the answer. 20 mph city zones significantly reduce injury. But of course also slow motorcyclists and e-bikes down. But everyone benefits from safer streets.

  • They are no faster than I was biking through traffic fifteen years ago. I know more that died on motorcycles than on bicycles. Only the stupid die young.

  • They are more dangerous because they are allowed on my local hike/bike trail and mototcycles are not. And people underestimate the power and speed at which they are traveling.

  • Great video as always 👍

  • I used to ride a motorcycle, took the course so I could get a license before I turned 18. And when I was younger I rode a bicycle but my parents, not to mention Cub Scouts, made me learn the bicycle rules of the road. Anyway, IMO the problem with bicyclists is that they don't realize that they're slow traffic, they think they're fast pedestrians. Bicyclists, generally speaking, don't stop for anything or anyone. No stop sign, or traffic light, or cross-traffic will keep them from constantly going forward. The don't even stop for other bicyclists! I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a bicyclist signal a turn or a stop in the past several years. And of course e-biking just exacerbates this problem.

  • I recently moved over to commuting full time on an E bike. I'm in NYC, so a combination of traffic, tolls, and lack of parking helped me make my decision. It is very scary but luckily speed limit on local roads here is 25MPH/40KMH so I can keep up. I just always make sure to give right of way to everyone else on the road and do wear a DOT rated helmet. Hopefully I live.

  • So let me get one thing clear. Idiot's exists, and sh*t happens. If people would think about accidents statistics every time they go on a road then why drive at all??? Useless comparison... Use your brain, and do something to protect yourself, build experience. Airplane can fall on your house and kill you while you're sleeping. That's life.

  • If I was running a course for obtaining a motorcycle licence I`d make FortNine videos part of the ordeal. Not all of them, but quite a few.

  • I feel like another problem with e-bikes is just the inherent weakness in their low weight and stability. I've done 65mph on my cheap-ish Vespa knockoff and it honestly feels safer and more comfortable than going 30mph on my ebike [both slightly downhill]. The Vespa knockoff [Lance cali classic 125] weighs 230lbs and, while the wheels are small, your life doesn't flash before your eyes ever time you hit a pebble or a little rut in the road. My e-bike is only 50lbs and, yeah, you run over an acorn and instantly you feel like you're about to eat pavement. Getting hit by the wind blast from a passing truck is even worse. Some of it is probably subconscious because I wear a better helmet and body protection on the scooter [also it has brake lights and mirrors, like you said], but still.

  • my only pro for ebike over motorbike is environment. Thats it. There's potential roadstains riding both devices. Its the operator...not the device.

  • I agree about all this. And I'm NOT a professional but I've built bikes for many years, had my own injuries and when speed is added WITH the motor/battery weight, the bicycle does not handle like a regular bicycle AT ALL. I cringe when people are going 20mph+ without a helmet and barely anything on. That's okay, it's not my body but people still need to be educated on the 'risk of'. I don't allow my kids to ride anything without a helmet at least as it takes that one fluke or freak accident. I'm not 100% geared up as I'm still trying to find the right upper armor but as my bike can hit 45mph, I basically ride with motorcycle armor; knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. The bike's component also need to be able to handle the added weight in terms of braking distance, consistency, and the constant vibration and bumps encounter at such speed. I probably spent nearly $7K on my bike from it being built ground up including all safety gears but, what terrifies me are people that spend that kind of money and hardly wear any protection. I've been where most people buy these extra armor after they had an accident. It's not fun...stay safe out there people! Have fun of course!

  • I commuted by Ebike for 2 years. You have to look for safe streets, one can not travel the same way as in a car or mc. In the USA bicycle infrastructure is very poor. So the bicycle rider has to be EXTRA careful.

  • The last thing in the world I want to see is the government involved. That means; licensing, taxes, regulations, you can't go here, you can't go there, you cant do this, you can't do that etc... I would much prefer to see the problems solved by the industry and the cyclists themselves. For example, I use a blinking front and back light, as well as wear a bright yellow T shirt or jacket the kind road worker use and I hardly ever use throttle only. I use pedal assist adjusting to road condition. I also ride cautiously, assuming I'm not going to be seen.

  • There's a lack of insight, here. Bicycling - E or not - as it is here in the US in particular - is a horse and cart issue. Not unlike how we dumped tens-of-thousands of scooters on all the big cities without even trying to understand the consequences (talk about injuries and stupidity!). In countries with very long histories of mass pedal powered commuters (and the UK is not the best example), electric or not, have created infrastructure and rules around bikes: dedicated lanes and signals, real rules, indeed some training, etc. It is a part of the culture. This "problem" needs to be addressed holistically (rather, "needed" to be addressed). Just look at places like Saigon to see how mopeds, bikes, motorbikes, cars, trucks, etc. live in *relative* harmony because it's been a part of the culture for several decades. The numbers of two-wheelers is vast, and yes they have accidents, but their ratios and the consequences are far better than what we are seeing in car-centric Western cities. Fixes: dedicated lanes/signals, geo-fenced top speeds, rules with consequences, mandatory gear, safety training (and not just for the riders, but all drivers). Just don't expect that to happen tomorrow. Certainly not in the US. We love our freedom, you know. BTW, I literally spend 90% of my commute time on two wheels, putting thousands of miles a year on two bicycles and two motorcycles (of which I've been riding in major cities for over 50 years). Two wheels are better than four when it's possible. But it is important to keep in mind, many people quickly slip into being idiots when there are no consequences, regardless of what they are doing.

  • I know you're in Canada because you could leave your bike long enough to get that shot at the end without it being stolen. Can't do that in L.A...

  • Good take on the problem, thanks for including us in the U.K. 👍 Safe infrastructure needs to catch up fast.

  • disliked. e-bike matters.

  • Speaking from a ‘experienced city’ cyclist here… you gotta Make yourself known on the road, you have to ride aggressively and be willing to stop a drop from doing something stupid that will endanger your life. Example. Going into a Roundabout I will take up the Centre of the road, I will look over my shoulder/use rear vision mirror depending on which bike I’m riding, make sure the coast is clear, and take up the middle of the lane. Before I started doing this, I would keep left and indicate the whole way which way I was turning, the drivers don’t care. As said in the video, they’re looking for cars. The amount of times a Car almost clipped my rear tyre when they’re turning, and I’m ahead of them.. or, they will try and overtake you on the round about, and that’s just stupid. You have to Act like a Car in a round about. I’ve found that they Will respect me and the road rules if they’re forced to see me. Cyclists. Please. Stop at Red Lights. I’ve been known to mount the footpath just to use the pedestrian crossing because that was Green and it was convenient. Always take shortcuts if you can that keep you out of danger. I’ve also been known to chase Cars down that disrespect me on the road and have a word to the driver, especially if I know they seen me. They also don’t seem to understand that A Lot of cyclists are also Tax Payers and also have Vehicles. We have every right to be on the road, we pay for them just like you do. The reason why we don’t need registration is pretty obvious. Firstly, it’d cost way more to implement and maintain then you would from the registration fees Secondly, the registration fees would be Hilariously low in comparison to a Car for So many reasons. Impact to the environment. Impact to the roads. Potential output of damage in an accident All Astronomically lower than that of a Car. It’s not even comparable. But hell, if I could pay $5 a Year to get the same respect on the road, I’d pay it Every time

  • The protection you wore on the Ebike applies similarly to typical road cyclists. Aside from a helmet, you basically had no protection in your attempts to go "aero" your other points also apply to road cyclists Which is why I prefer aggressive mountain biking.

  • Just because you don’t suit properly to ride a bicycle doesn’t mean it’s a problem. That’s you being an idiot bro. Your reasoning is even more ridiculous. “Nobody wants to look dumb on a bike”. Thanks for explaining how natural selection works. This is a crazy dishonest video.

  • There is little wonder Japanese government regulates power of electric bicycle.

  • Sold my peddle-assist ebike 7 years ago as I could make it to work just as fast on a road bike. I took the unbusy back streets to ride 15 miles to work but a lady ran a stop sign and hit me, totaling my bike. I’m retired now and just ride on bike trails.

  • Ah this video didn’t discuss on the Topic of Insurance. Motorcycles require it and E-bikes don’t. Although cheaper to have an E-bike (without the costs of Licensing, Insurance) I wonder how much expensive it ends up being in terms of liability due to accidents.

  • E-bikes here have a 25km/h limit after which motor cuts off.

  • Good video. How did your ebike hit 60+km/h? I thought they were limited to 32km/h in Canada?

    • Many ebikes ' system can be " unlocked". rad rover is one example

  • 3:18 sorry but that pedestrian smoked himself.

  • You should see what people wear in South East Asia when commuting on a motorcycle 😂

  • I considered an e-bike until I saw their battery last less than half my average bicycle ride, so I upgraded to a motorcycle instead and love it.

  • Just imagine riding a regular bike at e-bike speeds, that's my life. Usually averaging over 20mph over 60 miles.

  • A good argument for separate, protected, bike infrastructure. It's almost like bikes and cars don't belong on the same road.

  • Electric bikes are in the majority equally sized to bicycles and can go through the sidewalk with ease and in most of the cases are ATV leaving only the sky as the limit. So no, they ARE NOT more dangerous than MOTORcycles

  • One problem, many on Ebikes the riders didn't use it to keep riding, they are motorists who hopped on a bike maybe hoping to save money, or get fitter, or both. Someone who haven't been riding would crash, and ebikes makes those crashes far worse! Reverse example a active rider riding continously since the 70's or 80's is likely slowing. An ebike will keep them rolling and 99% of them will be safe because of their experence. Most crashes are either poor abilities, no plan for their route, no plan for mitigating traffic, no experence with difficult conditions (surface, traffic, gear), not being predictable for the motorist, poor knowledge of the rules of the road and how they really apply to a cyclist! Motor cycles are able to act fully as traffic with the flow so they are far less in need of being predictable. Many ebike users carry their bad habbits along to their new machine. The weave around parked cars, drive on the wrong side of the road, hop on a sidewalk then out around without any care. New cyclists with an ebike is truly scarry!

  • My two cents: If you want a safer ebike, buy one from an established bike manufacturer that includes high quality components such as hydraulic disc brakes. Don't just shove a 750W motor on your 20-year old mountain bike that has worn out rim brakes.

  • The bike isn’t dangerous.. the road is

    • No...IDIOTs are dangerous. It's the individual

  • When I get an Ebike, I'm not gonna ride in traffic. We have a nice tow path in our valley that's a hike/bike trail that goes farther than an Ebike battery can last. It's over 100 miles long. My bike will be for pleasure only in safe places.

  • Or…. They can accept… make stupid choices, win stupid prizes If hipsters want to believe that cyclists don’t need to follow the rules of the road…. We’ll have less cyclists.

  • #BS

  • "Anecdotal evidence, is just evidence of an anecdote." Zinger

  • we dont got specialized bicycle lanes in the Netherlands for nothing check em out if you like

  • I'm a cyclist on the northside of Houston tx where there are little to no bike lanes and the best way to avoid getting hit is to pay attention. Treat every vehicle as if they can't see you never assume they can and if you are unsure about a situation at an intersection just stop and let everyone go through

  • Not a motorcyclist but I enjoy FortNine's videos. This one hit close to home as I have just gotten into ebiking as it allows me to use my bike even with my knee damage. I prefer bike paths to roads (my city is full of them) but I have to use roads to get to the paths. I've noticed drives have gotten less observant and more agressive since I was last on a pedal bike 7 or 8 years ago. My motorcycling friends seems to agree, all of which have had accidents with or close calls with 4 wheelers (usually with a driver on the phone). I can't control what others do but for me, my head is on a swivel and I assume I'm invisible even with my lights (front & rear). At my age we understand we're not immortal and humans tend to get damaged way too easily.

  • Small point on comparing the figures with UK ebikes - the electric assist has to stop once the bike hits 15.5 mph...so we're going nowhere near as quickly.

  • 60.5 kph seems really fast for an ebike. In California, Class 3 ebikes are required to cut off assist at 28mph (~45 kph). Above that you enter the category of 'motor driven cycle' that requires a Class M2 license and is forbidden on bicycle paths. EDIT it looks like the bike in your video is a Norco Scene VLT which tops out at 25kph- have you done something naughty to your controller? ;)

  • It's the user not the vehicle.

  • So much wrong with this "analysis" that I'd need to make a similar video to point out the problems. But just to show bias, note that this guy has no daylight running lights (front or back) and isn't wearing high visibility clothing or reflective clothing. Why not? That's basic cycling safety. If he goes to the trouble to use good motorcycle safety measures, why skip it for his e-bike? I'd also point out that safety on bikes, e-bikes, motorcycles and in cars has a lot to do with behavior and choices. I've e-biked for 10,000 miles commuting to work and back. I've never been hit - though there was one close call. But I don't e-bike on the same route I drove. Most of my route was on 35mph or less streets with only one mile or so stretch where the speed limit was 40 mph. I separated myself from cars and traffic as much as was practical. That's one advantage of e-biking or cycling. You can often choose routes separated from traffic. And since e-bikes usually have substantial batteries. I installed many very bright lights. I used an LED headlight designed for a Harley. I also wore day-glo clothing with reflectors. And on a final note, e-bikes vary substantially, ranging from what are essentially electric motorcycles that typically are not street legal in the U.S. (unless designed as and registered as motorcycles) to bicycles that cut out motor assist at 20 mph. The rising standard in the U.S. divides e-bikes into Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. The first two limit motor assist to 20 mph. The Class 3 limits motor assist to speeds up to 28 mph. Any study looking at e-bikes needs to clarify what they are actually studying. It is very unclear which kind of bikes any of the info presented here refers to.

  • Cyclist are just pedestrians who don't know their place in the world.

  • Didn't mention another danger - eletric scooters like Xiaomi mi 365 or Segway Nine bot. Their riders (or users) usually go without helmets, using pathways, sometimes go at car or motorcycle speed. In my city already happened deadly accidents with these scooters.

  • Wow never had thought of that 😂

  • I think the video misses the broader point. The ebike is not dangerous. The danger lies in the car dominated places in which people from the UK and especially the US are expected to ride their ebikes. Bike lanes are called bicycle gutters for a reason, they are not safe or attractive to ride when compared to what is possible with proper planning. The are however cheap and easily retrofittable to places that have already been swallowed up by car infrastructure. The Nederlands is the prime example on how it can be done, but Denmark, France and even Finland have some unique takes on tackling this issue. Also, I think there is a societal bias towards focusing on risk of sudden death and injury, at the expence of the things in our society that are killing is slowly. Cars and the risk they pose, the space they are given and the noise pollution they create are eating away at our collective quality of life and our neighborhoods. Electric cars will only prolong this needless suffering in a slightly greener veil. Only if you are outnumbered by cars is it dangerous to bike, walk or even just exist.

  • I got into an accident on an ebike at a low speed. I fractured some vertebrae high up in my bike but am otherwise fine. I really love riding, the immersive experience of being and moving in the world at unnatural speeds. I just don’t know if it fits into our current transportation world. My bike is DIY and gets up to 33 mph, and it takes me about 20 miles if I’m in the right gearing and don’t overheat the motor. So this tiny, 40 pound bike can having me whipping around at 25 mph, easily. The acceleration isn’t too great, it’s literally 1 horsepower, one horse. But in total, we’re under 200 pounds zipping around. I at least had the sense to where a full face helmet. It was a cheapo DOT, but it did it’s job, no head or brain injuries whatsoever. If I get back on, I’ll be going out with a much nicer helmet, quality gloves, a riding jacket, and riding boots. But idk if I will get back to it in the same way. You know I remember one night, I just took it out for fun. Full charge with the one goal of draining it. Took it to a parking lot and just flew around, then to a residential area and did the same. There’s just no denying, these things are pure joy. I took a chance. I thought this thing would be my commuter and my next greatest pastime. I know it can fulfill one of those goals. But as a form of transportation, it’s lacking in the crucial areas that our infrastructure demands. I put 110 miles on my damn bike. And in those 110 miles, I can’t tell you the number of cars that just didn’t see me. Me and my giant, bright fucking neon helmet- and they didn’t see me. I’m a 200 pound feather to these two ton behemoths and they are completely blind. It’s just unwise to be out there in the same environment with them. For ebikes to work, infrastructure needs to radically change. Less emphasis on 50 mph streets mixed through residential areas, and more so on safety and accommodating varied forms of transportation. There’s so much potential here. A full charge on this singular grand bike is 12 cents. These things round the cost of getting around to zero. But infrastructure was laid out had one thing in mind: ginormous gas guzzlers. Unless we’re willing to put up a fight, and to tear up our antiquated streets and set new standards, ebikes cannot take off. Out of all the forms of transportation, we as a society settled on the least sustainable, most inefficient, ugliest- and worst of all, we chose a self sustaining monopoly. Our chosen form of transportation will most literally kill the competition Post Script: I think I’ll sell what I have and turn to cars ones the used prices come down. And I’ll buy this amazing ebike called the Sur Ron. It gets up to 45mph, has 25 miles of range, at least 8 horses, and is all around way better built than what I have. This Sur Ron is a 100 pound mountain bike/pit bike. It’s not street legal, and I’ll take the hint and just not bother with roads. I can have my fun and do so in a way that won’t put me at the mercy of some distracted semi truck. Maybe when I go off to college I’ll be in a nice town that’s far more forgiving towards different ways of getting around. But my current town? My current town wants me dead. Yo quick tip to everyone: if your area is known for terrible drivers, don’t even bother with ebikes, motorcycles, none of that. And especially to my South Floridian friends, just leave the state ASAP.

  • Basically, let me put the things short and sweet: . People are stupid. - When in a car we have the sense that we are kind of a god of the road, no one can arm us and we are above every single other person, pedestrian, motorbikes, e-bikes, bikes, scooter, e-scooter, etc so we don't show respect to others, just go full god mode; - On the motorbike, we have more caution but steel, some of the motorcycles think they are above cars in some of the traffic rules; At least we use helmets and several other items to protect us from getting into the ground. - As a pedestrian, we assume that anyone can stop at any time and that the drivers are seeing us, and if we are in a crosswalk, cars and bikes will stop immediately (the basic teaching tell us to look at both sides before crossing...). Expect always the worse scenario, only cross when the vehicle is completely mobilized; - As a cyclist (and I use e-bike), people seem to forget that they are the weakest link on traffic, but they expect equal treatment even when they don't respect any traffic rules, so, there is no surprise about those numbers. It's just a basic set of having respect for everyone and assume that everyone is a moron until they prove wrong.

  • Oh nice.this is North Vancouver.

  • seems more like the problem is allowing bikes/ebikes to travel along side 2 ton metal death machines made to withstand other 2 ton metal death machines. motorcycle riders have crazy levels of protection to keep them from dying which makes sense. fuck bike lanes, they need their own road space with a barrier in between the cars and the bikes.

  • 4:32 - That's the biggest reason right there

  • Well you can wear motorcycle gear for an e bike

  • Damn good info on here

  • A bicycle is inherently more safe than a motorcycle. North American infrastructure is just garbage

  • It seems like cars are the danger, not bikes. Bikes are a safe way to get around. It's inattentive or homicidal drivers that make it dangerous. We could definitely benefit from bicycle education modeled after the Netherlands along with serious commitment to build streets that are welcoming and accessible to anyone on a bike, in a wheelchair, walking, visually impaired, the deaf or hard of hearing, etc.

  • lemme guess: - people ride them like they're motorbikes, while they're just motorized bikes - people ride them like bikes, while they control closer to motorbikes - all the while noone wears sufficient protection - also, no rear view mirrors and lackluster indications RESULT: pretty close Some reflections: Among other things, regulating accelleration on top of max speed and implementing some other safety measures and higher tire standards you don't see in most of the chinaware that e-bikes are, should be sufficient to reduce the number of accidents without needing new licences. Sadly unless this is made mandatory and the sale of older bikes without these features is made illegal, the buyer will almost surely opt for the cheapest model which does away with all that stuff, and good luck pushing that.

  • We should make cities for ebikes and ban cars on ebike lanes. Maybe Vietnam is good.

  • Apparently only cars and motorcycles get to claim the road. Pedestrians get the sidewalk and bicycles get nothing. Ebikes are dangerous because there’s no road for them.

    • Yo I just typed out a whole essay but this is pretty much it. They just don’t belong, same with pedestrians and low powered motorcycles. It’s the car monopoly that’s the problem

  • We need bike centric cities.

  • In Germany regular E Bikes are capped at 25kph, the power required to go faster than that has to come from your pedaling. Stronger ones require entry level Motor Licenses.

  • 2:35 i legit thought i lost focus on that effect

  • No fun generation... that is sad...

  • WAIT? im 13 years old am I eligible to ride on public roads??

  • The real issue? The infrastructure. You can't possibly keep up with traffic, you're eventually going to get hit if you ride beside cars. I only stick to paths that cross streets but never use bike lanes. It limits me a lot but I've got precious cargo on the back so I certainly won't be taking any more risk than needed! Also I'm in Canada so a 500w motor can only do so much lmao.

  • ¿You know you could use the sale safety equipment when you ride an eBike right? Also, eBikes are limited to a much lower top speed than motorcycles, and speed is a big factor that increase the risk of “accidents”. The worst thing that can happen to a City is that everyone replace their car commute for a motorcycle commute, motorcycles are louder, faster and maybe more polluting than cars.

  • I agree that ebikes CAN be more dangerous, but how on earth did you hit 60+kmph on an ebike? On my 1000W Bafang, I cannot do that unless I'm going steep downhill and pedalling as fast as I can, even then it's hard. I could never hit 60+ in a city. Most ebikes are limited to 25kmph, and even those who are not usually couldn't reach more than 30-35. Also, good bike infrastructures could and does drastically reduces injury from biking (see the dutch for example, whit shit ton of bikes, and basically no serious injuries from biking) So with overpowered ebikes + iditos behind them + no real infrastructures for bikes, I can see them becoming as dangerous as motorbikes. But ideally, with at least basic gear requirements (which are already in place, at least in EU), some minor regulations, and most importantly, good bike infrastructures, Ebikes can be MUCH Safer than motorbikes.

  • I wouldn't want most cyclists anywhere near a motorcycle.

  • In the EU, E-bikes are not allowed to assist at speeds above 25 km/h. That means most riders use them for cruising at those speeds with low pedal effort. An top speed of 60+ is rare, in my experience, and a crash at 25 km/h can be deadly under the right circumstances but usually isn't.

  • the problem isn’t cyclists it’s cars

  • Thx. Drive a lorry and even cars make way 4 U! A bicycle, in Souther Africa, in trafic is looking 4 trouble. So PRAY a lot if your R on 2 wheals!!!!!

  • It seems you're talking about de-restricted bikes. So of course, something that's not designed to go that speed will be more dangerous. That doesn't make a legal, restricted e-bike more dangerous than a few hundred kilos of metal that can go 10x the speed you can run.

  • Is a bout you not ebike lol

  • blow the horn. it saves lives.

  • Those drivers are careless that's why those accidents take place. and the Ebike riders too... You don't need that much heavy ger to ride an Ebike... You just need to learn how to ride properly...

  • it seems in singapore we have the same problems about e-bikes. i used to be against e-bikes but guess what. i just bought one. waiting for a e-motorcycle with its price and charging problems, i guess e-bikes would be a better option.

  • Straw man much?

  • Here in China the government limits the speed of e-bikes to 25km/h.

  • how the hell did u switch od low beam with engine stoped. I need that trick on my F800

  • Biggest problem is humans think we are the center of the universe and all eyes are on us no matter what we drive.

  • Why don’t people just by electric mopeds! Or electric scooters & motorcycles!!

    • @Hungray Mopeds usually only require a drivers license. Mopeds are really not fast enough to be safe either! You need to be able to speed up to get away from angry drivers! Every motorized vehicle should require a license and be powerful enough to keep up with the flow of traffic and be able to out run some crappy car with the driver who is trying to run you over!

    • Because mopeds require licenses

  • It sounds like people are trying to cognitively bridge the gap between bikes with electronic pedal assist and motorcycles because of their similarities, but ignoring the much more dangerous and hard-hitting reality of cycling the way most people drive in GTA V.

  • This is only true due to you using the ebike like a motorcycle, which is not it's intended use.

  • The most dangerous thing about motorcycles is stupid people driving cars

  • They don't talk about the millions of people who ride motorcycles who never crashed.

  • Training? I got my motorcycle license on a 1979 ts250 with no brakes or lights and did 2 turns and stopped.

  • No?? No. You Sure? Um, yeah.

  • "Fast like motorcycles, treated like bicycles."

  • I ride an E-bike and the first rule is assume no one else sees you. I live by that maximum and I've never even come close to being hit.

    • Well, if I ever were to live by that rule I would have been eaten alive a long time ago by the traffic. I ride very aggressively. And my AirZound can get pretty hot at times with how heavily I use it. Not necessarily because dangerous situations have arisen. I use to signal that I am approaching.

  • My biggest suggestion, get a good lighting system. I have 4 brake lights. 2 are flashing and it can blind people in day time if you stare them too long. Yes that bright. 2 are smart brake light that are constantly on low beam but turn to high beam when I brake/decelerate. I also have 2 tactical flashlights as my front light that can flash super high beam when I encounter a car. They are 2600 lumens and I cannot even look at them straight in the day time but from the side it's ok for few seconds.

  • I'm wearing the same gear as motorcycle and cycling on my ebike since the ebike can go 40 mph. Anything beyond 20 mph you need anti scratch full body wrap and also full face helmet.

  • Someone got hurt ban everything

  • not one of those crashes was the bikes fault it was idiot riders, we call this natural selection

  • More than 90% of the time the bicycle and or e-bike accident is the fault of a car driver or truck driver or bus driver it is not the fault of the bicyclists I do realize there are stupid bicyclists that caused many accidents but like I say most of the deaths.and accidents are caused by people driving four-wheeled vehicles they're the ones that cause the problems they're the ones that need to be re-educated they're the ones that need to be forced to go through retraining and get a certificate stating that they are capable of watching out for people on bicycles people on bicycles have just as much right to the roads as they do and that's the problem a lot of four-wheel drivers don't think we should be riding in the roadway and that is wrong we have just as much right to the roads as they do and they should stop trying to get somewhere in 2 minutes and be careful and watch out for everybody.

    • The statistic is like 75% of accidents involving 2 wheels also involved something with 4+

    • I forgot to mention the retraining should be mandatory in all states and all countries

  • Injured, hit by cars … on a bicycle. No injuries ever on motorcycle.

  • thats why in UK your restricted to 25 kilometers a hour are a little over with a 250 watts motor

  • Yeah, it's because people are aiming for you