What is the Most Beautiful Motorcycle?

Publisert 22. nov.. 2020
Ducati 996? Vincent Black Shadow? Suzuki Gladius? Booty might be in the eye of the beholder but it’s not all subjective either. We take a deep dive into motorcycle aesthetics.

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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • Just like in pitch meeting where the catch phrase is gonna be super easy, barely an inconvenience or tight and that is something to be proud of.

  • Have been watching this channel for a while. Outstanding. A true engineer and more. Thanks.

  • Everyone is wrong. The most beautiful motorcycle is an old fashioned Vespa with immaculate teal paint from the 60's.

  • Sorry, but in beauty nothing beats a MV Agusta Brutale 910 RR. From every angle.

  • That is obviously a pipe.

  • The KTM Duke 390 with the orange wheels and orange trellis, that gets my vote for most beautiful motorcycle. We have one. Sometimes I just go into the garage and gaze at it. The other two bikes are nice too, but this one is eye-candy

  • How about reliability of the powerplant

  • Gas cap looks like a peace sign

  • Whats the bgm at 5:50 ?

  • The most beautiful motorcycle is the one you ride.

  • Performance is king, dirt bike or perhaps dual sport are the most capable vehicles in the world

  • Why not make a new review on the 2021 Suzuki Katana. 😀

  • I am building a naked honda st1100 and was having a difficult time turning an ugly touring bike into something aesthetically pleasing. This video helped me alot!! And I get all my parts from Fortnine so I'm hooked.

  • One of the best motorcycle review i have ever seen. Ps. Its not a review, its an art

  • the most beautiful motorcycle built right now is the panigale v4, but thats only because ferrari doesnt make a motorcycle. and the ftr 1200 looks so good because it looks like a ducati. I guess what I'm saying is the italians really have the pretty vehicles figured out.

  • Where is this museum?....

  • I really wanted an FTR before I watched this video now I need one!

  • IMO, the FTR 1200 Indian fights my own Ducati multistrada Pike's Peak edition of 2012 for the title of The most beautiful m'bike of the day, followed closely by the KTM 1290 Superduke and the Kawa H2

  • Nonsense, the MV Augusta F4 2006-2009 is the sexiest motorcycle ever made. Sexier than a female Brazilian beach volleyball team

  • Make a video of how to create video like me, will be helpful to make this NOwine a less shitty place. Imagine a f9 doctor.

  • The most beautiful bike? IMO it's a 1987 Yamaha Virago 1100

  • now I will Buy one for my Dad. with his signature on it :)

  • this video is beautiful

  • Not Chinese

  • Damnit now you make me want one of these bikes that I cannot afford! Also, I find beauty in the curves on bikes too. Vulcan 900 is one of my favorite looking bikes, and the front end sits higher than the back. Same with the Indian Scout. To me, there's just something about that flow from front to back with a large front end.

  • So Indian, to summarize at least two of your videos, is doing a better job than Harley. Yeah, I get that. I like how interviews with Indian staff makes you believe they are motorcycle people more than communiques from Harley do.

  • Hey young man, you are an artist 😇✌ your videos are epic & classy 👏 but please let me tell ya, my 2019 CB1000-R with evotech, Puig, Barracuda, Lightech accessories & Xpel Ultimate Plus film on the tank is the best looking 🤪 i got a large Stock of Castrol Actevo 10W30 & Motul 7100 4T 10W40 with K&N 204 filters for it whenever she requests them. I baby it 😍

  • 2:35 I don't see how? That's one ugly bike, lol.

  • Yet another love letter to motorcycling. Thanks for adding to the beauty in our world, FortNine & FN Ryan.

  • 916 Period

  • This, like it’s subject matter, and every other video on this channel is a work of art. And that’s something to be proud of.

  • All motorcycles are beautiful to me...

  • This video, 2 months ago, inspired me to get my license. 2 months, a harley sportster, and 10k later here I am rewatching

  • this video just murdered Harley-Davidson :))))))

  • It might be beautifully made, but to me it is not beautiful. Eye of the beholder and all that. I find the 916 and many other Ducatis much more beautiful.

  • The Indian he describes is like the HD Buell Ulysses. Except the Buell was more advanced. However all modern motorcycles are ugly, they look like a childs transformer toy. BSA 500 Goldstar is pure mechanical beauty.

  • I almost cried. As the bike, this video is beautiful! Congrats.

  • Ducati Panegali v4… Thats is all.

  • Ok how many here would give their left nut or left boob for a garage filled with bikes like what Ryan walked through? Lol

  • What an incredible video!

  • Easy. Yamaha V-Max at the end of the original run.

  • I don't know what to think about the Aprilia 6.5 Motó now...

  • A beautiful bike is like a beautiful woman.. she could be fat, fast, or oil bulimic, but its the most beautiful bitch that will break you.

  • Is there anybody really interested in the specifics!!

  • As a '22 FTR S owner, I appreciate the poetry of this video.

  • Tue final judgement is that everybody must have a motorcycle.

  • good looking bike. but the greatest looking motorcycle was the victory highball. fight me.

  • way too much cheap black plastic all over the place.

  • no bike can beat ktm 1290 superduke / the beast in terms of looks

  • It's ok. Give me the MV Agusta F4 . Leader in style. Even trumps the 916 and dare I say the RC30?

  • 996 I have one - it is a thing of beauty

  • You almost never fail to surprise me. Kudos!

  • Dude you are what mainstream producers try to understand, thank you.

  • Indian engineers be like: hey come check out these things we didn't even knew

  • first ever liquid cooled motorcycle? I thought you do your research. Seems not. Suzuki is a late starter in almost everything motorcycle, especially in liquid cooling. Ask the flying squirrel.

  • He just sold me this bike. I was going to buy MT09, but Nah. This is it.

  • спасибо яндекс за перевод, корявенько, но суть понятна!

  • Nice to see that art history major making you money lol

  • Funny I was just last week talking to the GF about my "Bike-it" list. My short list of bikes I would love to own. Ducati 916 was on the list along with the 2007 ZX14 US special edition in white with red ghost flames. 1999 Suzuki RF900R and the MT-01 were all on there as well. You know what wasn't on the list. The 1996 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 affectionately referred to as the "BUBF" (Butt Ugly But Fast).

  • Nice.... Felt like watching "who built the pyramids"

  • If Indian made this an ad, i bet many would be indulged to buy this bike.

  • A Katana doesn't have to be anything other than a Katana.....a truly iconic motorcycle.

  • Call me crazy, but I think that the Honda XRE 190, a 190cc motorcycle, is one of the best looking motorcycles ever made.

  • the most beautyfull Bikes are made by "italain designers". MV Augusta is my favorit.

  • 'Beauty in the eye of the beholder'

  • As they say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

  • Epic.

  • spoiler alert: it's the Honda Rune

  • this channel helped me decide on a scr950 , and guess what ;; its better than any channel said ,

  • Looks great. About the only thing I find off is the part of the exhaust that angles up at the end.

  • Your last video with an Indian scout was great. Now I have a scout.... "Sees FTR"

  • This is one of the best made videos I’ve ever seen on here. Or anywhere for that matter.

  • Those front fork reflectors completely ruin it

  • Love your work Ryan. My 7 yr old daughter calls you the smart man that rides motorbikes. Keep it up

  • Shame you picked on the Katana, always thought it was original and looked powerful. The rear lights were especially brutal but elegant too.

  • Xdiavel S is the most beautiful motorbike.

  • Soon Indian will have to change its name because some white lady somewhere is upset about it

  • The XR400 ...A picture of simplicity, capability & beauty ... stop laughing ya bastards 🤣

  • The 1975 Triumph T160 Trident.

  • Try the Ducati night shift and you will forget this Indian

  • The most beautiful motorcycle is one that makes its owner happy to ride it. And that’s something to be proud of.

  • Title: "What is the Most Beautiful Motorcycle?" My Honda NC700X with a top box: *Stares at me* Me: "We both know it's not you, but you're still my bikey and I love you"

  • Tried watching some of my other motorbike reviewers. 30 seconds in, click. You have ruined it. The standard is to high now

  • I own the R Carbon version of this bike, and I'm in love with it! I have bikes with 80hp more, and still find myself on this bike more than any of my others! If you're thinking about one, get one! Even if it's a base model.

  • The soundtracks please😪

  • To answer the question: Mine! Moto Guzzi Griso 8V 1200 in black! ;-)

  • MotoGuzzi V70 sport (1970s), Yamaha TRX 850, Laverda Jota.

  • My z1000

  • Ryan understands stuff. There is an election coming soon in Canada. Ryan for Prime.

  • a harley is the most beautiful motorcycle thats why everyone copys them

    • yeah the Ducati Diavel looks just like a Hardly Driveable

  • ...the 2021 Ducati X Diavel Dark

  • 2001 r6

  • Husqvarna nuda 900R easy

  • These videos are seriously some of the most beautiful motorcycle videos ever made. This is fast becoming my favourite “tv show” ever!

  • My Suzuki ds100 is beautiful and there is nothing wrong except the front brakes

  • @6:13 in the background, a Honda CB400F Super Sport in varnish blue... Simple, clean, timeless...


  • GT750 I have "Gassed" one of those, it's just as beautiful & probably much faster. Do you think paying $26 million for a white canvas with white paint on it is "Something to be Proud Of"?

  • @0:50 Is that "Heaven"?? Oh, the answer to your question is a "Gassed" RG500(Gamma) every time.

  • The grass is always greener though. From the seat of any bike you’ll always covet another.